Pores & Blackheads

Luckily, there are clinical treatments available for open pores on the face. At b.e.a Skin Clinic, we offer a range of procedures for pores and blackheads.


Blackheads on the nose are most common among those with thick, oily skin. Technically known as comodones, blackheads on the nose can be a chronic, recurring skin condition; they are not easily treated using at-home remedies such as pore strips.

Open pores and blackheads on the face present as small black ‘dots’ on the nasal skin, which are symptomatic of oil-blocked pores. The black colour of these dots is not a result of trapped dirt or grease, but from the oxidisation of sebum in the open air.


We offer specialised treatment programs designed to close open pores and blackheads. For relatively mild cases, we perform medical microdermabrasion using the Derma Genesis M2 Turbo alongside blackhead extraction and blue LED light therapy. Medical microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin and remove dead cells from the epidermis, facilitating the extraction of comodones and providing immediate cosmetic improvement. Finally, blue LED light acts to kill p acnes, the bacteria which causes acne and also helps to quell excess sebum production.

For more severe cases, a multi-staged treatment plan for open pores on face is needed. We can perform all of the above treatments alongside an anti-inflammatory chemical peel. For scarred pores, we use the No-Tear Dermapen – a fractional needling device – to induce collagen production and reduce the depth of enlarged pores, preventing the recurrence of open pores and blackheads.

For best results, weekly or bi-weekly treatments for open pores on facial areas are recommended, as well as an at-home treatment programme using bea Skin Care’s Photodynamic Mask and Acne Care Regime. In order to maintain the results of open pore reduction and blackhead removal treatments, the avoidance of oil-based cosmetic products and thick moisturisers is recommended.