Dermal fillers can be used in multiple ways to revitalise the skin and facial contours, restoring its tone, elasticity and hydration.


Dermal fillers in the brow area can revolumise and lift the brow and restore lost volume to the upper orbital area. For a more significant lift, treatments can be combined with Anti-Wrinkle Injections.



Chin reshaping with dermal fillers can improve the profile view of the face, lift the lower lip and restore balance to the overall face. Chins can be tapered and projected, which has the effect of making the nose appear smaller in profile. The pre-jowl sulcus can also be filled, which hides early jowls, and creates a more youthful and smoother transition between the chin and jawline.



Deep facial wrinkles can be a result of ageing, sun damage, dermal atrophy or atrophic scarring. When anti-wrinkle injections aren’t enough to treat this problem, dermal fillers can be used to camouflage wrinkles on the forehead and face. The effect of repeated injections can even stimulate collagen production on a more permanent basis.



Torn or stretched earlobes can be cosmetically remedied through careful injections of dermal filler. Congenitally short earlobes can also benefit from dermal fillers to the earlobe.



Hands are often the first to show signs of ageing. Dermal fillers can mask irregularities such as prominent veins and tendons. They also thicken the dermis and effectively restore lost volume.



Undesirable results from dermal filler treatments can be remedied in a matter of hours with injections of the enzyme hyaluronidase.



Thin lips may be a result of age. genetics or environmental factors. The lips can be rejuvenated naturally through dermal filler injections. Not only are fuller lips achievable for everyone, but their contour, shape and definition can be vastly improved without creating an unnatural look.



Nose reshaping with dermal fillers is a safe alternative to rhinoplasty. Bumps can be concealed, asymmetries can be improved and the nose can be streamlined into a more aesthetically pleasing profile.



Nose-to-mouth lines are one of the most common signs of facial ageing. They appear due to repeated facial animation, as well as the tethering of underlying skin and descending cheek fat pads. Shallow lines and deeper folds can be easily treated with dermal fillers, making this a gratifying treatment.



Scar camouflage with dermal fillers can conceal depressed (atrophic) scars of most kinds. These are often difficult to improve using non-invasive medical treatments, making dermal fillers a very good choice in these cases. Careful injections of hyaluronic acid last for at least 6 months and can significantly improve atrophic acne scars, including acne-related icepick scars and scars from surgery or traumatic accidents.



The thin skin around the eye area is prone to age-related changes. Orbital hollowing, characterised by dark circles and depressions in the tear trough region, can be treated with dermal fillers beneath the lower lids. This acts to smooth the lid-cheek junction for a youthful, rested look.



Hollow temples can create a bony appearance to the outer rim of the eye socket, making the tails of the brow appear droopy and sad. Cheeks may also look overly prominent as a result of temporal hollowing. Dermal fillers for volume restoration can make the eyes appear larger, lift the brow corners and make the upper face appear younger.



High cheekbones, youthfully full cheeks, or a more subtle addition of volume are all possible with cheek fillers. For cheek enhancement, we use the highest cross linked dermal filler from the Teosyal® range, which lasts for up to eighteen months.