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Our expertise in technical skin care procedures is compounded by our performance of complex and diverse treatments, suitable for all ethnicities and skin types.


At bea Skin Clinic, advanced skin treatments and cutting edge technologies remain at the forefront of our innovative approach to aesthetic medicine.

Situated in the heart of London’s Marylebone and led by our multi-award winning Clinical Director, bea Skin Clinic’s expert team offer a truly bespoke range of non-surgical approaches to facial and body rejuvenation.

Favoured by prominent influencers and publications throughout the UK and beyond, our Founder Bianca Estelle and her clinical team utilise their years of experience to produce unrivalled results for all skin types. In the face of an ever-changing carousel of new technologies, we offer only the most proven, effective, and scientifically-backed procedures available today, including state-of-the-art biorejuvenation therapies as well as the latest advances in regenerative medicine.

bea Skin Clinic’s proprietary menu of aesthetic medical services is available at our flagship London clinic, our Birmingham and Ibiza Pop-Up clinics, and lastly, at our Antwerp and Abuja locations. Among many others, our diverse range of results-orientated therapies include Collagen Stimulators, Vampire Therapy (PRP), Advanced Skin Peels, Energy-Based Aesthetics & Body Reshaping, Thread Lifting, the No Knife BBL, and Glutathione Skin Rejuvenation. Additionally, we offer our Bloodless Vampire Facial, a non-invasive alternative to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, which received an industry nomination for Best Facial Treatment in recognition of its powerful results.

Charterhouse Aesthetic Medical Clinic, bea Skin Clinic

At selected outlets, we retail our own brand range of bea Skin Care products, which have been specially formulated by our Clinical Director to support, maintain, and enhance the results of aesthetic skin treatments. Loaded with FDA-approved actives, the range has achieved industry-wide recognition, most recently at the Pure Beauty Global Awards in 2020.

As opinion leaders in the field of aesthetics, we aim to ensure that our treatments, products, and training courses meet the highest professional standards. Convened by our in-house experts, we offer educational courses for beauty and medical professionals through our bea Skin Care Medi-Facial and Chemical Peel training programmes.

Our testimonials speak for themselves; we’re simply passionate about restoring skin health, body confidence and positive self-image. To begin your transformation, contact our friendly customer service team and experience the results for yourself at bea Skin Clinic.

Bianca Estelle, Clinical Director

Bianca Estelle, Founder and Director of bea Skin Clinic, is a multi-award winning, Harley Street-trained Skin Specialist, Clinical Trainer and IVNT practitioner. Most recently, she was voted “Best Advanced Skincare Expert & Wellness Practitioner” at the Attracta Beauty Awards 2020.

Since 2002, Bianca has enjoyed a long and successful career, adopting an empathetic and holistic approach towards the management of cosmetic skin concerns. With established aesthetic clinics in Birmingham, Kent, London, Antwerp, Abuja and Ibiza, Bianca offers three award-winning skin care and wellness ranges from selected clinical retailers. Aside from attracting a loyal clientele of household names, including socialites, media personalities, models, and lifestyle influencers, Bianca’s opinion is frequently sought by respected media outlets. Her treatments and products are also regularly featured in international publications such as Vogue (Arabia and British), Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Tatler and The Guardian, amongst many others.

After studying Applied Sciences at University of the Arts London, Bianca achieved advanced level accreditations in a wide range of injectable, laser, IVNT and aesthetic skin care procedures, representing several well-known industry brands across the UK and Europe. Later, she applied her scientific training to the launch of bea Skin Clinic, followed by her innovative cosmeceutical product line bea Skin Care in 2015.

Bianca’s career has continued to go from strength to strength. Vitamin Injections London, her second clinical enterprise founded in 2013, was one of the first clinics in the UK to offer intravenous vitamin nutrient therapy (IVNT). Following the launch of two additional nutritional and cosmeceutical brands, VIL Wellness and VIL Skin Care, Bianca has been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including Attracta Beauty’s prestigious Best Expert Award for bea Skin Clinic and Vitamin Injections London in both 2018 and 2019.

The continued success of bea Skin Clinic attests to Bianca’s knowledge, technical skill and experience in the demanding and competitive field of medical aesthetics. She remains focused on the provision of high-quality treatments and products, whilst continuing to deliver the ultimate customer experience to clients, both current and new.

Currently, she presides as Clinical Director at her flagship London Marylebone clinics, bea Skin Clinic and Vitamin Injections London, where Bianca and her experienced team treat almost every skin concern. Remaining passionate about the importance of healthy skin, Bianca applies the benefits of science to everyday skin care, continuing to champion procedures that service all skin types, and offering treatment solutions that promote radiant skin from the inside out.

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Bianca Estelle, Skin Specialist

Our Practitioners

SHARN GRANT, assistant clinic manager

Sharn is a trained phlebotomist and nurse practitioner. As a valued member of our clinical and management team, she provides various aesthetic treatments and oversees the day-to-day running of our clinics, working closely with our Clinical Director, practitioners and customer service team members to ensure the continuance of a high level of service to all clients. With a strong interest in IVNT therapy, Sharn is well-versed in all aspects of pharmacology and blood diagnostics as well as our full menu of intravenous and intramuscular injection therapies. Working alongside bea Skin Clinic’s Clinical Director Bianca Estelle, Sharn takes a great deal of interest in the skin health of her clients and has spearheaded new treatment approaches at bea Skin Clinic.

Olivia, Aesthetic Practitioner

aesthetic medical clinic londonOlivia is a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner with a strong interest in dermatology and minimally-invasive positive ageing procedures. Utilising professional techniques acquired from her training at Harley Street-based clinics, she possesses a high level of technical skill in the administration of intravenous therapies, mesotherapy micro-injections and chemical peels.

Working alongside bea Skin Care’s Clinical Director Bianca Estelle, Olivia has developed a high level of ability in a wide range of rejuvenating injectable procedures. She takes great interest in the health and well-being of her clients, applying the knowledge she has gained over her years of training to her day-to-day practice.

Georgia, Nurse Practitioner

Georgia is an experienced Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Practitioner. After completing her training, she went on to practice at the established Kings College Hospital in London and – throughout the course of her career – has pursued a variety of advanced training courses in a wide range of minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures.

At bea Skin Clinic, Georgia works closely alongside Clinical Director Bianca Estelle and performs a variety of treatments, which encompass advanced dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, Nithya collagen injections as well as direct mesotherapy injections for the face and body.

aesthetic medical clinic london

Q&A With Founder, Bianca Estelle

My education began at one of Europe’s best medical aesthetics training colleges, the University of the Arts in London, where I studied Applied Sciences and Beauty Therapy.

I desire to provide an accessible service to ordinary people who want to look their best, and – just as importantly – to cater for those with Ethnic skins. I have always aimed to offer the safest, most advanced minimally-invasive treatments available today, and believe that clients seeking aesthetic improvement deserve the very best level of service from their practitioner. These were some of my primary motivations behind training as a medical aesthetician and setting up my own clinic at a young age. I am proud to have progressed in my career to the extent that I have, and am excited to introduce my specialised treatments and products to an international clientele.

A few of the advanced medical aesthetician qualifications I hold are as follows:

  • MDA ‘Core of Knowledge and Elements of the Care Standards Act 2000’ for Laser and IPL
  • The European College of Natural Medicine: I-ACT in Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Lumenis: Lightsheer and IPL Certified Trainer BTEC National Diploma
  • PTLLS 6302: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

I have also been certified in a wide range of treatments and technologies, some of which are as follows:

  • Agera: Skincare System and Skin Peel Protocols Certificates
  • Aestheticare: Product Training Certificates
  • Chromogenex Ltd: NLite and Chromolight Systems Certificates
  • DermaQuest: Medical Product and Skin Peel Training Certificates
  • Ellipse Flex UK: Laser and IPL Systems Certifications
  • GlyDerm: Practitioners Exam Certificate
  • Hollywood Smiles Ltd UK: Laser Teeth Whitening and Tray Whitening Certificates
  • IMAGE Skincare: Product Training and I Peel Treatment Certificates
  • IV (intravenous) Therapy: Royal College of Surgeons
  • Jan Marini Skin Research: Continuing Education Certificate
  • Lumenis: Quantum SR, Epilight, BClear and Vasculight Certificates
  • Obagi: Blue Peel and Medical Product Training Certificate
  • PDO Threads – Certificate of Training, Vida Aesthetics
  • Thermolase UK Ltd: Softlight Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser Certification
  • SeSDERMA: Dermal Filler Advanced Techniques Certificate
  • SeSDERMA: Botulinum Toxin A Advanced Techniques Certificate
  • Surface White Mesotherapy: Certificate of Training
  • enipuncture & Cannulation: Royal College of Surgeons
  • IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapy): Royal College Of Surgeons
  • PDO Threads: Vida Aesthetics
  • VI Peel: Rosemetics

My current training commitments are as follows:

  1. bea Skin Care: Director and Trainer for Secret Spas UK
  2. Medicos: IPL & Microskin Polish Clinical Trainer & Educator
  3. Unique Skin: PCA Skin and Dermaceutics Trainer
  4. Unilever: Expert Panel Advisor (UK)

I have a number of certificates and awards; for more information, please visit this page.

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