Whether you're seeking a more youthful décolleté, a tauter stomach or dimple-free thighs, bea Skin Clinic can transform your physique without surgery.
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Backcials are facials for your back. Treatments are fully customisable and can remedy back acne, sun damaged shoulders, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, freckles, scars and more. Professional topicals will be applied, extractions will be performed if necessary, and for positive ageing backcials, Bianca Estelle will administer a specially formulated chemical peel to treat pigmented lesions. Backcials are good for your mood too; all include an invigorating massage.

Bikini facials are an ideal pre-holiday treatment for both men and women. They are fully customisable and are used to diminish skin discolouration, shrink open pores, remove dead skin and tidy up ingrowing hairs. A special antibacterial topical will be applied after your bikini facial in order to prevent the formation of blemishes in the area.

bea Skin Clinic’s range of natural, synthetic and blended skin peels can be used to treat sun damage, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation on the body. ‘Backne’ scarring, stretch marks, freckles, age spots, chest wrinkles, darkened elbows and more can benefit from physician-only Pharmaceutical Lab USA and Puramed chemical peels that have been specifically tailored for use on the body.Most recently, we have released the Glycolic Body Peel – our own professional-strength formula from our professional line of cosmeceuticals,

The Glycolic Body Peel – our own professional-strength formula from our professional line of cosmeceuticals, bea Skin Care – is now available at bea Skin Clinic.

Even the strictest diet and exercise regime can fail to make a positive impact on problem areas. Luckily, stubborn fatty deposits on the thighs, flanks and upper arms can be significantly improved by a series of radio frequency body shaping treatments. Velashape’s revolutionary bipolar RF technology is capable of recontouring your body in as little as three treatments. Velashape treatments can cause a significant decrease in cellulite and dimpling, an increase in blood circulation and inch loss in all treated areas. A course of six treatments is usually recommended.

Although hyperhidrosis is relatively common, excessive sweating of the armpits, feet or hands can have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Those affected may feel embarrassed or even avoid social contact. Luckily, botulinum toxin A injections for hyperhidrosis are a safe, effective and proven means of treating axilliary, palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Solutions to excessive sweating may also be sought by those who experience episodes of situational sweating during the summer months. The effects of hyperhidrosis injections last for up to six months, at which point additional injections will be required.

Injection lipolysis works by targeting and destroying fat cells directly. Treatments diminish fatty tissue permanently and are commonly used to recontour the thighs, stomach, back and underneath the chin. Injection lipolysis involves administering a solution containing a mixture of phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) and deoxycholate (DC) into the fatty tissue. These micro-injections are administered over the course of 1-6 treatments, with each injection penetrating around four to six millimetres deep on average. Treatments promote inch loss and also have a firming and tightening effect. As well as PPC and DC, bea Skin Clinic can use additional ingredients to promote fat loss, such as Organic Silica, which stimulates the metabolisation of fat.

Keratosis pilaris, also known as KP or ‘chicken skin’, is a skin condition which commonly affects the upper arms, although it can also affect the chest and other areas. It presents as little red or white bumps which, although harmless, can be cosmetically bothersome. Fortunately, keratosis pilaris treatments can help eliminate these lesions with the use of a medical epi blade. In order to maintain results, a professional home care program with lactic acid is recommended.

Meso-infusion treatments with glutathione and vitamin C are administered by Bianca Estelle through a series of intravenous (IV) injections twice per week. This is a safe, 100% hydroquinone-free method of skin lightening that provides even and natural looking results across the whole body. Meso-Infusion can also help to improve hyperpigmentation, melasma and inflammatory acne, along with other skin conditions associated with darker skin types. A course of treatments is recommended, whereby you will receive two complimentary bea Skin Care aftercare products at no extra cost. Meso-Infusion treatments can help women and men with uneven skin tones achieve a flawless looking complexion, as the dermal matrix is infused with Vitamin C, as well as a number of other peptides and active ingredients.

Stretch marks on the hips, breasts and buttocks require special care and attention. bea Skin Clinic’s signature stretch mark removal treatment aims to significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks as well as repair damaged elastin fibres. Fractionated micro-needling treatments, specially formulated chemical peels and advanced laser therapy techniques can be used interchangeably to reduce stretch marks and prevent their reoccurrence.


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