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About the Singelberg Clinic

Singelberg Clinic is a surgeon-led independent clinic. Each surgeon has links to their respective general hospitals in Belgium. Every patient is treated as an individual and will be seen before and after surgery by their treating surgeon. Singelberg Clinic has four surgeons (Plastic and Maxillofacial)

Dr Bert Oelbrandt, Dr Steven Colpaert and Prof Dr Paul-Julien Guelinckx: consultants in plastic surgery. All are members of the the Belgian Royal Society for Plastic Surgery, which is the equivalent of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS).

Dr Frans Noorman van der Dussen: consultant in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Special interest in craniofacial and FFS surgery. Smaller cases (e.g. breast enlargement, liposuctions, eyelids, mini facelifts etc.) are done as day cases in the private SingelbergClinic; more complex cases are done in the general hospital, where longer operations and overnight stays are possible (i.e. DIEP flaps, maxillofacial surgery, FFS surgery, secondary rhinoplasty).

About Singelberg Clinic's Surgeons

dr-oelbrandtDr B. Oelbrandt was trained both in Belgium and abroad (UK and India). He will see you during your first consultation in London and guide you as to where and by whom to have your procedure. He is well known for state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery techniques and has a special interest in facial remodelling and everything which has the word ‘lift’ like facelift, breast uplift, etc.

dr-colpaertDr S. Colpaert is the team leader of a dedicated breast cancer unit, with a focus on breast reconstruction with DIEP, SIEA and SGAP flaps as a preferred technique. Latissimus or TRAM flaps are a second option. Dr Oelbrandt focuses on secondary breast augmentation while improving problems like capsular contracture and rippling after a first failed augmentation.

dr-guelinckxProf. Dr Paul-Julien Guelinckx is a world-expert in facial reanimation after facial palsy (congenital, trauma, viral, after previous acousticus neurinoma surgery): by the use of mini gracilis micovascular techniques (a small muscle from the upper leg), a dynamic reconstruction is performed, giving patients back their natural smile.

dr-noorman-van-der-dussenDr F. Noorman van der Dussen is internationally well-known for his craniofacial work focusing on FFS surgery (30 years experience) . Also, secondary rhinoplasty, cheekbone enlargement, chin implant, forehead remodelling, jaw and chin surgery with onlay grafts/osteotomies of upper and lower jaw (sagittal, bimaxillary, sliding genioplasty).


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