Nithya Body is a collagen stimulating treatment aimed at repairing damaged skin from age, childbirth, weight loss and more. Additionally, it can be used to volumise specific body areas such as the buttocks, hips and areas of deformity post-liposuction.

This treatment is a gentle method of bioregeneration that involves the injection of natural collagen in order to encourage the production of native type I collagen in the skin, as well as the creation of new collagen and elastin bonds. This makes it an excellent treatment for signs of ageing on the body, particularly those concerning skin elasticity, wrinkling, photo damage and scarring. It is a popular treatment for difficult to treat areas such as the elbows, knees and underarm areas.

Ultimately, Nithya Body increases native collagen levels and helps trigger regenerative activities within the skin without causing adverse side effects or risking inflammatory reactions.

1What is it?

Collagen provides a naturally strong structural matrix for the skin, muscles and other tissues. Nithya Body uses natural collagen to encourage its further stimulation within the body. This restores the natural arrangement of skin cells, and sustains the complex interconnections between the skin and other tissues.

Creating the necessary pre-conditions for youthful skin is the first and most important step towards better skin health. The collagen activated during this therapy can regulate a number of cellular functions, including cell proliferation and differentiation, the synthesis of new tissues and the migration of essential proteins. By stimulating collagen regeneration, Nithya Body encourages these processes to restart.

Nithya Body is suitable for reducing wrinkles, skin folds, age spots and fine lines that appear as a result of ageing and UV-induced photo damage across the body. The activation of collagen makes the skin firmer, more elastic and reduces these imperfections very effectively. It can also reverse degenerative changes that occur in the skin slowly over a period of several years, improving the skin’s overall condition.

2How does it work?

Nithya Body adheres to the concept that youthful skin has a negative ionic charge, whilst the cellular membrane of ageing skin has a higher positive ionic charge.

Activating collagen maintains balance between the skin’s structural and functional properties. The Nithya Body formula is comprised of carefully-chosen micro-particles of heterologous (non-native, natural) collagen. By administering this in the form of micro-injections, it helps the skin to produce collagen with biomimetic properties - identical to that produced naturally by the body. It also supports the clustering of fibroblasts, whilst enhancing the deposition of procollagen - a precursor of collagen.

As a result of these processes, Nithya Body improves the formation of type IV endogenous collagen. It also improves the hydrophilic (water binding) characteristics of collagen, which gives back a negative charge to these molecules. Once collagen is negatively charged, it binds to tissues more easily and remains bound for longer. This makes the skin look younger and healthier.

3Treatment indications

Common indications for this treatment include:

  • Inelastic skin, with or without fine lines and wrinkles, around the knees, elbows, stomach and arms
  • Laxity of dermal and subdermal connective tissues in any body area
  • Genetic or iatrogenic deformations, such as dermal hypotrophy as a result of previous steroid injection
  • Sun damage and age spots affecting the chest, arms and legs
  • ‘Bingo wings’ or underarm laxity
  • Cellulite and/or post-liposuction deformities
  • Stretch marks and/or Caesarean scars

Nithya Body is recommended for men and women who want to improve the health and appearance of their skin in any part of the body. It’s also recommended for those who desire cosmetic augmentation of the buttocks (Non-Surgical BBL) or ‘hip dips’.

Nithya Body collagen stimulation therapy usually works the best when administered in a series of at least three sessions, spaced 1-2 weeks apart. Results appear slowly thereafter as the damaged tissues regenerate and collagen production is stimulated. Multiple 3 treatment courses may be needed, particularly for body area augmentation (e.g. Non-Surgical BBL).

1Before your treatment

  • During your first appointment, our Skin Specialists will discuss your specific skin concerns along with anything else bothering you
  • Our experts will analyse your skin to determine its anti-ageing needs. Depending on the findings, a customised solution using collagen therapy will be recommended alongside products to optimise your results

2After your treatment

  • On the day of your procedure, we will first make sure your skin is free of any build-up, products and/or cosmetics
  • A special numbing cream can be applied to the treatment sites, although this isn't always necessary
  • Using a fine needle, Nithya Body will be administered to the affected body areas
  • The product is administered evenly throughout the affected skin areas to ensure consistent delivery
  • A cold compress is applied to the treated parts in order to to soothe the skin, and minimise redness and swelling
  • You may resume normal activities immediately after the session is complete

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