TCA Skin Peel Review

TCA skin peel review

In addition to a special Bloodless Vampire Facial and Natural Lip Augmentation procedures, my regular client Nicola ( underwent a very mild TCA peel to brighten up her skin, reduce the appearance of pores and minimise fine lines.

Typically, TCA chemical solutions are available in a wide number of different concentrations, ranging from 5% (very mild) to 50% (super strong). As blogger Nicola is blessed with excellent skin naturally and had already undergone a Bloodless Vampire Facial prior to her peel, I applied a glycolic solution for deep exfoliation beforehand, followed by a mild concentration of TCA solution.

What is a TCA skin peel?

TCA stands for Trichloroacetic acid, which is the principal ingredient in all TCA chemical peel solutions and the only ingredient used in my preferred formula from professional-only manufacturer Puramed. US-based Puramed is known across the medical aesthetics spectrum for their production of high quality chemical peels. In my experience, using FDA accredited, uncontaminated TCA formulas sets the stage for a better end result in far fewer sessions.

The great thing about TCA peels is that they can be customised accordingly, and performed alongside many other skin rejuvenation procedures. Newer, more advanced uses of Trichloroacetic acid involve the correction of acne scars through the TCA C.R.O.S.S method (Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars), and also the improvement of chemically-induced ochronosis resulting from the overuse of harmful skin bleaching products. One of the most popular options is to combine Trichloroacetic acid with Jessner’s solution, Resorcinol or Glycolic acid in order to increase its penetration.

TCA Skin Peel Review

Nicola documented her recovery in her TCA skin peel review, which can be found on her website. To read Nicola’s TCA skin peel review, please visit the following link: TCA Skin Peel at bea Skin Clinic ~ Obsessed By Beauty (NicolaVC86)

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