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bea Skin Clinic reviews London:

Review for Aesthetic Treatments

Came in and had a consultation with Bianca which was extremely insightful. I have a few consultations in the past which i didn't feel as if they knew how to treat my skin. However, Bianca was able to thoroughly explain and answer all questions asked

Review for Aesthetic Treatments
Brightening Cleanser

After my consultation i went ahead and purchased the brightening cleanser which really helped my skin and made the dark marks more faint. It has also helped the texture of my skin become more smooth. Because of this i will be purchasing another one

Review for IV Therapy
Henry Akonor

Excellent treatment.

Review for Aesthetic Treatments

i decided to get the perfect peel as it was recommended by Bianca. I have sun damaged skin & severe hyper pigmentation. I've had two peels & already seeing major differences as well as friend and family. Have booked 3rd peel! Absolutely impressed!!!

Review for bea Skin Care Products
BEA Luminescence Brightening Serum

I have fallen in love with this light serum which leaves my skin with a dewy supple texture. Just a pinch is needed to cover the entire face area, a total must have in my skin care regime.

Review for bea Skin Care Products

used the eye cream and serum from Bea line - it's amazing. My skin is softer, brighter and just more awake especially since I'm one of those people that should sleep for longer!

Review for bea Skin Care Products

I used the serum and eye cream - was amazing! my skin got brighter, tighter and more happy. Will repurchase!

Been going here for almost two months now and the skin lightning results have been good for me.Montana is a lovely and helpful professional who guides me through my skin care routine!

My skin looks and feels better now.

Neetu Singh Avatar
Neetu Singh

Having suffered with acne as a teenager, and pigmentation in latter life, I have always been super conscious of my skin with out make up on. I was advised to go and see Bianca by a friend of mine, and believe me she has transformed my skin, and we are only half way through the recommended treatments. I started off with her products, which are amazing, and I saw a massive difference just from using these. I don’t know about you, but I was sick of going to beauty counters and sales assistants not having a clue what I should use for my skin. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone take my skin care regime in hand, and the results have been incredible. I am so much more confident with my skin, it is amazing, I even went on the train and wondered round London with absolutely no make up on. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do this. Please go and see Bianca, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Nadia Chalfin Avatar
Nadia Chalfin

I had my first anti aging skin treatment at Bea skin clinic and I absolutely loved the results. I have had a few anti aging skin treatments over the last 2 years in other clinics but Bea skin clinic was by far the best.

The consultation, advice and treatment that was recommended made me feel comfortable, confident and of course I got the results that I wanted. I would highly recommend Bea skin clinic every time 😉

Fareedah Abbar Avatar
Fareedah Abbar

I have had several skin treatments at BEA Skin Clinic and have been very happy with the results. I think you need to be realistic with beauty treatments and a trained practitioner, like Bianca, will steer you towards those that will suit your skin and give you the best results. I would definitely recommend BEA Skin Clinic.

Susanna Flynn Avatar
Susanna Flynn

So happy!!! I've now been for 3 treatments and can see definite results, my skin is smoother and I've had many compliments since. I received professional advice and recommendations on the best options for my skin type. The cleanser has now become my absolute favourite product!

Preena Shah Avatar
Preena Shah

I had a Jessner Skin Peel with one of the Practitioners. It took around 2 weeks for the whole peeling process to be completed but the results were well worth it! I would highly recommend this treatment.

Shanice Simpson Avatar
Shanice Simpson

Can not speak highly enough of these treatments. Before I started the course of injections I was anaemic, deficient in so many vitamins, severely fatigued and lacking direction and focus in my life. Since being treated by the amazing Bianca, my energy levels have been beyond restored and I'm back to work, happier and more fulfilled than ever. I can not thank Bianca enough for her exceptional care, professionalism and expertise knowledge of what my body lacked and needed. I spent years wasted on relying on my GP. 3 months from being blood tested and starting treatment with Bianca, all my symptoms disappeared. These treatments are worth every penny. Don't delay. If you're not feeling right, book today!

D HOsman Avatar
D HOsman

Great products & amazing service, I highly recommend Bea Skin Clinic.

Darren Trotman

My experience with the customer services team and the treatment at the clinic itself was nothing short of amazing, I highly recommend Be a Skin Clinic, 5 stars.

Roberto Reid Avatar
Roberto Reid

As a beauty fanatic and trained Therapist of 13 years I could not be more pleased with my purchase of BEA skincare products! I have had maximum results with NO irritation or side effects that I have regularly encountered with products of a similar grade.

The glycolic wash and Hylaronic Acid Vitamin C serum in particular are holy grail!

Char Bownes

Brilliant service with professional stuff, highly recommended.

Roberto Reid

What I like about BEA is that they're kind, unpretentious and enthusiastic about their work. I've made numerous mistakes with aggressive treatments and even surgeries in the past that left my skin in terrible shape. As a result, I was treated badly and written off as a 'hopeless case' by other clinics and even famous doctors. Rather than lecture or patronise me, I was stunned to be treated so well and receive a proper plan of action to fix my very difficult problems. I remember being so demoralised beforehand that I almost cancelled my consult! Thank god I didn't as it was worth every penny! I'll admit that it's taken a combination of things over the past year to get me to this point, but I'm so happy now. I didn't think it was possible to even look decent again, let alone have skin that people actually compliment me on! Thanks so much guys!!

J S Avatar


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