Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Why Is It So Popular?

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty enhances the appearance and shape of the nose and corrects nasal abnormalities. Although surgical rhinoplasty is a popular first choice for many, non-surgical nose reshaping is faster, cheaper and safer. It’s also a great choice for those who have minor aesthetic concerns and want to correct the appearance of their nose in profile without going under the knife!

non-surgical rhinoplasty london
Non-surgical nose reshaping treatment at bea Skin Clinic

At bea Skin Clinic in Marylebone, London and Beckenham, Kent, we offer both Teosyal® and Stylage® hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to reshape the nose and correct nasal defects using specialised non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques.

non-surgical rhinoplasty london
Results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty (bridge augmentation) performed by Clinical Director Bianca Estelle at bea Skin Clinic


Why should you seek a non-surgical rhinoplasty in London or Kent?

Our clients commonly request the following corrective changes in their nasal appearance:

  • Augmenting the nasal bridge (radix and dorsum) to create a more streamlined profile and combat lack of nasal projection from the frontal view as well as in profile;
  • To adjust the width of the nasal base or narrow the apparent width of wide nostrils;
  • To cover up noticeable mounds or depressions on the bridge and tip of the nose;
  • To correct various forms of nasal asymmetry, particularly along the dorsum and bridge;
  • With careful dermal filler placement, nasal tips that are somewhat amplified or bulbous can be ‘blended’ in with the rest of the nose;
  • The impact of a hanging columella (the structure separating the nostrils) can be lessened with the application of Teosyal® or Stylage® dermal fillers along the nostril rims;
  • Nostrils that are flared or upturned can be softened and made to look more harmonious and appealing;
  • In order to achieve overall facial balance, non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures are often carried out alongside liquid face lifts and other dermal fillers.

Are you a suitable candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty?

You might be a great contender for non-surgical rhinoplasty if:

  • Your facial development is finished (after age of 18);
  • You are in good physical health;
  • You have had undesirable results from a surgical rhinoplasty without excessive scar tissue or vascular compromise;
  • You have practical objectives and desire subtle over drastic improvements.

Preparing for a non-surgical Rhinoplasty

You may be required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Abstain from taking headache medicine, calming drugs, and certain types of nutritional supplements.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed in our Wimpole Street clinic. A standard procedure takes around 30 minutes to perform.

About Teosyal® and Stylage® dermal fillers

Teosyal® and Stylage® are hyaluronic acid-based formulations offered by experienced dermal filler practitioner Bianca Estelle. Depending upon the nature of the non-surgical nose reshaping procedure and the client’s individual requirements, these hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers will be employed in different viscosities and formulations.

Benefits of non-surgical nose reshaping

  • The process is highly flexible; your practitioner can make adjustments that are instantly visible, gratifying and predictable – unlike surgical rhinoplasty, whereby at least 6 months to one year is needed before final results are seen;
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty is safe, local anesthesia based, does not result in excessive bruising and much more cost friendly than surgical rhinoplasty;
  • The ‘down time’ or recovery period is much shorter in the case of rhinoplasty.

It is important to remember that non-surgical nose reshaping is not meant to completely transform the appearance of the nose. However, there are many aesthetic nasal issues that do not require an invasive approach; in such cases, dermal fillers can render immediate improvements in a simple office visit.

For more information on non-surgical rhinoplasty at bea Skin Clinic in London please contact us via our online form or call us on +44 (0) 203 322 5958. You can also download a price list for further information about costs.

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