Positive Ageing Breakthrough: Nithya (formerly Linerase) Collagen Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen skin rejuvenation with Nithya (formerly Linerase) is an amazing new postive ageing therapy and an advanced method of dermal collagen replenishment that promises to revitalise your complexion, leading to a younger, more vibrant looking you!

What is collagen skin rejuvenation?

Our skin is composed of a natural structural protein called collagen, which gives it elasticity and firmness. At some point in the mid-twenties, our natural collagen reserves start depleting and begin showing signs of ageing such as fine lin

es and wrinkles. Loss of collagen also makes the skin loose and saggy, so in order to look youthful for as long as possible, collagen skin rejuvenation by means of replenishment is needed to ensure that the skin remains firm and supple.

Nithya collagen skin rejuvenation London

What are Nithya Injections? How do they work?

Nithya collagen skin rejuvenation London

Why should you try it?

If you have visible signs of ageing in any area, a course of Nithya collagen injections are worthy of consideration. Once the treatment course is complete, you will notice a marked difference in the elasticity and density of your skin. The results generally last from twelve to eighteen months, which varies from person to person; in some cases, improvements are long-lasting.

Nithya collagen treatments for the skin not only enhance its elasticity and suppleness, they also increase your confidence and boost your self-image. Feeling good about the way we look has been proven to lift our mood, renew our energy levels and attract positive attention from those around you!

Is Nithya safe?

Yes, Nithya collagen skin rejuvenation injections are completely safe as Nithya is hypoallergenic. At bea Skin Clinic, your medical practitioner will assess your skin before going ahead with the treatment and your skin will be numbed using local anaesthesia beforehand. Nithya is injected with a fine needle and although some people experience a small degree of swelling and redness, these are temporary side effects. It usually takes an hour to complete a session.

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