Father’s Day Special Offer: Medical Skin Procedures for Men

At bea Skin Clinic, we realise that medical skin procedures for men require a tailored approach with specialist men’s skin and hair treatments. In comparison to women’s skin, men’s skin tends to have a higher pH, produces more sebum and is coarser with larger pores. Moreover, naturally high levels of testosterone expose men to the risk of hair loss, which can affect mens’ appearances and levels of self-confidence.

To address these issues, bea Skin Clinic offer a wide range of specially tailored skin treatments for men with men’s needs in mind. So, don’t delay and seize the opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one to non-surgical hair restoration, Vampire Therapy for hair loss and a variety of men’s medical skin procedures at a discounted rate this Father’s Day!

medical skin procedures for Men

Medical Dermaroller for Hair Loss

Medical dermarolling, also known as micro-needling, utilises fine stainless steel needles to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and activate the body’s auto-repairing mechanisms. Find out more information about this treatment here.

Positive results are usually apparent six weeks after a single treatment. A course of treatments over 6 to 12 weeks is recommended for best results.

Vampire Therapy for Hair Loss

Our Vampire Therapy treatment uses growth factors to encourage better blood supply and consequent hair regrowth in men. Please visit this page to find out more.

Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth

Non-surgical hair regrowth utilises non-thermal infrared light, which promotes cell regeneration in the scalp. This 30-minute medical hair loss procedure for men is even more effective when combined with microinjections of medications that promote follicular stimulation and faster hair growth.

Galvanic Scalp Stimulation

An unhealthy scalp is often the culprit behind gradual hair loss. A low-amperage galvanic current applied directly to the scalp skin acts to loosen, open and clean the pores, as well as stimulate the nerves and encourage protein synthesis. This is one of our scalp-related medical skin procedures that effectively bolsters the scalp’s ability to hold onto hair roots and optimises the skin’s nutrient absorption efficiency. Find out more about this treatment here.

Comprehensive Hair Restoration Package

If all of the above treatments appeal to you, consider our comprehensive Hair Restoration Package, which includes all of the above treatments as well a rigorous home care regime designed to optimise the effects of these in-clinic medical treatments.

If improving the condition of your skin is a more pressing concern, our discounted medical grade facials for men can help rejuvenate your complexion this Father’s Day.

Mr. Smooth Medi Facials

As a consequence of regular shaving habits, men tend to struggle with clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Mr. Smooth Medi Facials are customised medical facials using high-end cosmeceutical grade products. The standard protocol of a single Mr. Smooth Medi Facial includes light exfoliation, ingrown hair removal and deep pore cleansing. This treatment is ideal for those who desire immediate improvements with no hassle nor downtime.

Book Medical Skin Procedures for Men at bea Skin Clinic

Contact bea Skin Clinic or call +44 (0) 203 322 5958 to book your preferred treatment and take advantage of our discounts*. Alternatively, purchase one of our gift vouchers for your loved ones direct from our Marylebone, London or Beckenham, Kent clinics or online at bea Skin Care.

*We’re currently offering 10% off single treatments and 20% off a course of treatments. Offer ends at 8pm on Monday 20th June.

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