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Cosmetics Business UK | 13 May 2021

Pure Beauty Global Awards 2021: The winners!

"...Inclusive Beauty - Best New Inclusive Skin & Body Care Product - Highly Commended: bea SKIN CARE, LUMINESCENCE GLOW BRIGHT SKIN ESSENCE WITH KOJIC ACID & MANDELIC ACID”..."

Good Housekeeping UK - May 2021

10 things top facialists do at home

"...Learn to Layer - Skincare products come in varying weights and textures and, with so many new steps to consider, understanding how to "layer" will make your routine work harder. Going from the thinnest to the thickest texture is the advice given by medical aesthetician and founder of bea Skin Care Bianca Estelle, always making sure to finish with SPF (unless it's your evening routine) - Glow Bright Skin Essence..."

Well + Good Magazine UK | 11 Apr 2021

8 Sunscreens That Won’t Leave Behind a White Cast on Your Skin

"...If your skin concerns include discoloration, photo-aging, and hyperpigmentation, this sunscreen was made with you in mind. It’s so good that finding it in stock is almost impossible (but you can currently pre-order it)..."

Base UK | 27 Mar 2021

12 Of The BEST Eye Mask To Tackle Puffiness And Fine Lines

 "...These collagen-enriched eye masks contain a mixture of natural brightening agents Vitamin C and niacinamide, moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and glucomannan to help minimise puffy eyes. Everything you need to refresh tired-looking eyes..."

Pure Beauty UK | March 2021

Pure Beauty Global 2021 Awards

"...bea Skin Care, Glow Bright Skin Essence - contains a combination of skin-friendly compounds including glycolic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid and mandelic acid to help restore the natural glow of the face. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients such as green tea and chamomile extract. This product is designed to heal damaged skin from within and fight antioxidant damage to enhance the complexion..."

New Magazine UK | 15 Mar 2021

Beauty File - Tech Talk

"...If you've been eyeing up a home LED mask then I have just the one for you. bea Skin Care Photodynamic Facial Mask, £129, is more affordable than most and is shaped like a visor so it's easy to go about your work while the lights are working their magic..."

Spell Magazine UK | Mar 2021

Mother's Day Chillaxing Kit

"...With all the dramatic lifestyle changes we've endured over the past year, prioritising self-care is a must - especially for mums. Every mother-figure out there deserves some pampering, so whether she loves skincare, homeware or a luxury candle, here are some great gift ideas to note down - UltraQuartz Cleansing Wand..."

OK! Magazine UK | 5 Mar 2021

Searches for ‘super skincare’ ingredient alpha arbutin grew by 410 per cent but can it really fade hyperpigmentation?

"...Bea Skincare's Solar Defence SPF 30 is a sun protection product with 5% alpha arbutin...“Alpha arbutin is an active ingredient that we use a lot within the Bea skin care line,” says Bianca Estelle, skin expert and owner of Bea Skin Clinic. “It’s a brightening agent that safely addresses pigmentation in the skin, helping to promote a more even-toned complexion and a luminous glow.”..."

The Daily Struggle UK - 24 Feb 2021

3 beauty tools to supercharge your skin care routine

"...Ultraquartz Deep Cleansing Wand - This sonic vibrating facial wand is made from medical grade silicone which is gentle on the skin and minimizes bacteria transference. Oscillating bristles allow for an ultra-deep cleanse without causing abrasion whilst the device emits extra heat for an indulgent experience..."
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The Good Life (Daily Mail) - 13 Feb 2021

Tech Wish List

"...4. Skincare Treatment - Once only available in skincare clinics, LED treatments can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. The Photodynamic Facial Mask from bea, allows you to choose from three lights, each promising different results..."

Telegraph Online UK - 4 Feb 2021

The best beauty gadgets to create an instant at-home spa

"...simply wet your skin (after removing any make-up), apply cleanser to the device (I use bea Skin Care's gentle exfoliating cleanser), turn it on and rub it on your face..."
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Luxurious Magazine UK - 3 Feb 2021

The 2021 Guide To Hero Home Beauty Products And Devices

"...The best for face - UltraQuartz Cleansing Wand - Removing dirt and toxins that accumulate on the delicate surface layer of the skin, the combination of cleansing, massaging, and heating technologies generate an improvement in overall skin tone and clarity, whilst also combatting the signs of ageing - PhotoDynamic Facial Mask - with red, blue, and orange light settings, the product is designed to target range of skin concerns..."
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PopSugar UK - 27 Jan 2021

How Our Editors Used Beauty (and Beauty Products) to Find a Bit of Joy During Lockdown

"...Bea Skincare Photodynamic Facial Mask - "I've wanted to try an LED mask for the longest time, so 2021 ended up being the year that I bit the bullet and invested in one. I wear the Bea Skincare Photodynamic Facial Mask (£119) for around 10 minutes each night, and I've not seen a new spot so far!..."
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Absolutely Kensington & Chelsea - Jan 2021

Top Treatments - Luxurious treatments for embracing self care in 2021

"...Photodynamic Facial Mask - LED light therapy is the latest huge trend in beauty tech. It's been years by facialists, but at-home LED masks have shot up in popularity thanks to the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen posing on instagram with the futuristic-looking (and slightly creepy) face shields...."

Brown Beauty Talk UK - 13 Jan 2021

Products To Use For Hyperpigmentation

"...Created by Bianca Estelle, an award winning skin specialist and the founder of bea Skin Clinic. Her Brightening Serum is a hardworking powerhouse cocktail of active ingredients with 12% alpha arbutin, 10% kojic acid and vitamin C to suppress the excessive melanin and fade the marks combined with exfoliators 10% mandelic acid, 10% lactic acid, and retinyl palmitate..."
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GQ UK - 30 Dec 2020

Best new grooming items this week

"...Bea Skincare Photodynamic Facial Mask - A safe and non-invasive therapy that you can use in the comfort of your home, Photodynamic Facial Mask rejuvenates and brightens up the complexion by stimulating the healing processes of the skin. Using red, blue and orange spectrums of light, it targets different areas of the skin, leaving you with a clearer complexion, less-visible impurities and imperfections, and a brighter visage..."
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Vogue UK - 26 Dec 2020

4 Vogue Editors Share The Beauty Products That Helped Solve Their Skin Issues

"...I use the amazing Bea Skin Care Brightening Cleanser every morning and evening, and follow with Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment which I use twice a week. I alternate between The Glowcery Clean Greens Superfood Facial Oil and Bea Skin Care Brightening Serum when my skin is in need of an extra boost..."
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Top Sante UK - December 2020

8 Must Buys...

"....bea Skin Care's AHA Rejuvenating Wands - are soaked in seven per cent glycolic, lactic, and citric acids for an intense, targeted KP takedown! Apply the wands to dry skin before going to bed so that the exfoliation can occur while you sleep..."

Wise Living Magazine UK - 12 Dec 2020

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, according to experts

"...“Treating eye bags and dark circles is dependent on the cause, but a good starting point for those who experience these as a result of fatigue, ageing and sun damage is using a mask,” says Estelle..."
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Women's Health UK - 4 Dec 2020

Black Pound Day: 32 Health and Wellness Brands to Shop

"...Charcoal Cotton Pads - Bea Skincare founder, Bianca Estelle, is an expert in every sense of the word – a Harley Street-trained aesthetician who launched her own brand in 2015. These eco-friendly, charcoal-infused cotton pads are a gentle, 100% natural way to cleanse skin, remove makeup and evenly apply serums. When you’re done, just hand wash and re-use..."
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Country & Town House Online - 30 Nov 2020


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Cosmopolitan UK - 9 Nov 2020

17 best face serums for healthier skin — according to our Beauty Editors

"...BEST FACE SERUM FOR: BRIGHTENING - Step 3: Vitamin C 20% & Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 30 ml - If you’re ready to level up your vitamin c game then this serum is a fab option. The combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin..."
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Beauty Crew Online - 3 Nov 2020

Kojic acid is here to solve your pigmentation problems this summer

"...bea Skin Care Brightening Cleanser ($75 at bea Skin Care) This lightweight foaming cleansing combines kojic acid with mandelic acid for a serious brightening boost..."
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Refinery 29 UK - 2 Nov 2020

Lip Lightening Treatments Are Incredibly Popular – But Are They Problematic?

"...Medical aesthetician and skin specialist Bianca Estelle, who is Black, says that to some extent, removing lip pigmentation is a form of skin lightening. Conforming to European beauty standards is a widespread issue which has permeated Black and Asian communities for years, which Estelle says she has witnessed in her practice..."
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Professional Beauty UK - Oct 2020

What is dermaplaning and why is it good for the skin?

"...Dermaplaning is a mechanical, superficial exfoliation of the skin alongside the removal of vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz,” explains Bianca Estelle, medical aesthetician, skin specialist and founder of Bianca Estelle Aesthetics. “A fine medical-grade blade gently scrapes away dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing a fresher, smoother complexion underneath that is also more even in tone..."
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VOGUE UK - Oct 2020

Skincare SPECIAL

"...managing hyperpigmentation..."bea Skin Care Brightening Serum and Brightening Cleanser..."

Stylist UK - 2 Oct 2020

Black Pound Day: what is it and Black-owned businesses to support

"...Bianca Estelle is a Harley Street-trained skin specialist, clinical trainer and director, and the founder of award-winning product line bea Skin Care. Estelle’s passion lies in fusing cosmeceutical science with everyday skincare to create fully inclusive products which help her customers get healthier, more radiant skin..."
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Marie Claire UK - 29 Sep 2020

The Best Acne Treatments That Really Work On Spots and Scars

"...Brightening Serum created by renowned facialist Bianca Estelle, this serum is chock full of kojic, mandelic and lactic acids, which bump up against each other in their eagerness to reduce discolouration and speed up skin turnover. Expect results in six weeks..."
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Brown Beauty Talk UK - 21 Sep 2020

How To Deal With Maskne

"...We spoke to skin specialist and medical aesthetician, Bianca Estelle who gave us the lowdown on how to deal with maskne. How is maskne caused? There are a few reasons for experiencing breakouts after wearing a face covering and this can include bacteria being transferred from the mask to your skin, congested skin, friction from the fabric and general skin irritation..."
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The Strategist UK - 17 Sep 2020

13 Skin-Care Products From Black-Owned British Businesses

"...These glycolic peel swabs come via Bea Skincare, a beauty range founded by former Harley Street aesthetician Bianca Estelle. Each wand-like swab is soaked in three kinds of AHAs — glycolic acid, citric acid, and lactic acid..."
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Women's Running UK - Sep 2020

3 Gym Bag Essentials

"...Best for Sensitive Skin - Master Antioxidant Cream - Ideal for sensitive skin, this cream offers moisturisation, as well as anti-ogeing and brightening benefits. Free from exfoliants, it gently resurfaces the skin and defends against nasty free redicals..."

Cosmopolitan UK - 18 Aug 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Glycolic Acid

"...This also means that it’s an excellent acid for improving skin texture, minimising scarring and aiding in improving the appearance of congested skin and acne. “It stimulates cell turnover and renewal as well as collagen, elastin and fibroblast. It’s one of the most diverse AHAs and helps to clear old and bacteria from the pores,” says Bianca Estelle, Medical Aesthetician..."
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Absolutely Magazin (6 regions) - Aug 2020

Sun Block

"...SPF keeps sun damage (and wrinkles) at bay. Here are this summer's best - Advanced System Range SPF 50 Sunscreen - www.bea-skincare.com..."

Metro UK - 30 Jul 2020

The Best Home Remedies to Help with Sunburn

"...Bianca Estelle, a skin specialist and medical aesthetician, explains that a certain essential oil could help with sore skin. She says: ‘Lavender boasts anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with sunburn and it can aid the skin’s natural healing process..."
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New! Magazine UK - Jul 2020

Beauty File

"...BEA-UTIFUL SKINCARE...Bianca Estelle is a skincare specialist who turned her attention to creating a range of products to target specific skin needs. bea Skin Care Master Antioxidant Cream, delivers a big dose of moisture, as well as gentle anti-ageing a brightening. Since it doesn't contain any acid exfoliants like glycolic or salicylic, the cream is perfect for those with sensitive skin..."

Vogue UK - 24 Jul 2020

How One Beauty Editor Broke Free Of Her Make-Up Dependence During Lockdown

"...I’d spritz it all over my face, take a moment for myself, and get back to work. I used Bea Cosmetics Brightening Serum to help eliminate my hyperpigmentation, and Bea Cosmetics Master Antioxidant Cream for added moisture..."
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OK! Magazine UK - 21 Jul 2020

Black Owned & Beautiful

"...2. bea Skin Care 2% retinol serum - From a brand created by a Harley Street skin specialist, this serum combines the powerhouse anti-ageing ingredient with another vitamin E..."

The Glossary UK - 17 Jul 2020

15 cult products created by the trailblazing female-founded black-owned beauty brands to know

"...The ever expanding range, which most recently added a nutrient-rich master antioxidant cream to its collection, uses 100% natural ingredients and highly effective formulations to radically improve skin health..."


Milia: What Causes Millia Spots and How to Get Rid of the Annoying Little Bumps Around Your Eyes

"...According to Bianca Estelle, founder and director of bea Skin Clinic, this skin condition is caused by an excess build-up of keratin that gets trapped under the skin. Commonly found around the nose, eye area and on your cheeks, you may also find them anywhere on the face or other parts of the skin..."
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Yahoo Finance! - 7 JUL 2020

Brilliant brands owned by black women to support now and forever

"...Bea Skincare | Shop here Harley Street-trained aesthetician Bianca Estelle founded the skin-care range Bea Skincare in 2015. The range is influenced by Estelle’s background in cosmeceutical science, as well as her clinical work at her two Marylebone clinics. The range has several collections — from mature skin, to skin-tone correction, to acne care — but there’s also an essentials range which is suitable for all skin types..."
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Mirror UK - 2 JUL 2020

Best retinol serums and treatments to give you glowing skin

"...Another luxe buy, one well worth considering to protect and rejuvenate skin that is showing the tell tale aging signs. Bea Skincare's Peptide Skin Booster serum is enriched with peptides and plant stem cells. The silky-smooth, lightweight facial serum is ideal for mature and combination skin to help reduce the sings of ageing whilst resurfacing the skin..."
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Top Sante UK - JUL 2020

Best Body Bar

"...Shortlisted - bea Skin Care Argan Oil Bar Beauty Bar, £20, www.bea-skincare.com..."

ELLE UK - July 2020

Skincare ingredients that pass the acid test

"...Do you know your hyaluronic acid from your retinol? Medical aesthetician and founder of bea Skin Care, Bianca Estelle is the skin specialist to turn to in times of confusions. Here, Bianca draws on her 17 years experience to break down the benefits of her favourite active ingredients and where you can find them..."

Vogue UK - 24 June 2020

5 Skin Specialist-Approved Ways to Deal With Acne and Scarring

"...Bianca Estelle, founder of bea Skin Clinic, launched her skincare in 2015 armed with the knowledge she’d gleaned as a skin specialist, medical aesthetician and former acne sufferer. Believing in the strength of both natural and medical-grade ingredients and treatments, Bianca dedicated herself to bringing light to the acne solutions that truly work, and the best ways to deal with the marks acne can leave in its wake..."
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Pop Sugar UK - 16 June 2020

The Best Sunscreens For People With Dark Skin Tones, According to Dermatologists and Aestheticians

"...Bea Skin Care's Solar Defence SPF 50 (£28) not only protects hyperpigmented areas from darkening, but it also contains the treatment ingredient alpha arbutin, which helps to brighten the skin..."
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London On the Inside UK - 9 June 2020


"...We’ve already compiled a list of anti-racism resources here but as well as reading, watching, learning and donating, another way you can support the Black community is to spend your money at Black-owned businesses...and we’ve got a bunch of London-based Black-owned restaurants, shops and brands below too..."
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"...If you’re late to the SPF party, or you’re looking to prevent/get rid of hyperpigmentation, skin specialist Bianca Estelle told us: “Ideally, you should use an SPF with a treatment ingredient like Alpha Arbutin which is a pigment suppressant.” She recommends the bea Skin Care Solar Defence SPF 50..."
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The Strategist UK - 5 June 2020

50 Black-Owned, U.K.-Based Businesses to Support Right Now

"...Harley Street-trained aesthetician Bianca Estelle founded the skin-care range Bea Skincare in 2015. The range is influenced by Estelle’s background in cosmeceutical science, as well as her clinical work at her two Marylebone clinics: bea Skin Clinic and Vitamin Injections London. The range has several collections — from mature skin, to skin-tone correction, to acne care — but there’s also an essentials range which is suitable for all skin types. A.M..."
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Culture Whisper UK - 3 June 2020

Brilliant black beauty brands to buy now, in the UK

"...An award-winning cosmeceutical brand from London by Bianca Estelle, British-born with Nigerian roots, she's a Harley Street-trained skin specialist, clinical trainer and clinic director at the Vitamin Injections London Clinic, and her encyclopaedic knowledge of skincare and wellness is second to none..."
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You Magazine Online - 3 June 2020

9 black-owned beauty brands you should have on your radar

"...Bea is the cosmeceutical science-led skincare brand from Harley Street-trained skin specialist Bianca Estelle. The range offers edits of products to tackle a range of different skin concerns, from pigmentation to sensitivity to a targeted acne care line. If you’re not sure where to start, the 5-step daily regime has dozens of five-star reviews..."
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Get the Gloss UK- 29 May 2020


"...Master Antioxidant Cream, 30ml - What it is rich in is antioxidant glutathione, hyaluronic and tranexamic acid plus vitamins C and E that all work to gently resurface the skin and help to brighten pigmented areas. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and my skin is so much more vibrant in tone and my dark spots have noticably diminished..."
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VOGUE UK - 17 May 2020

8 Tried-And-Tested Products To Help Eliminate Lockdown Breakouts

"...This 2 per cent retinol works best on cystic spots and trapped blemishes that have overstayed their welcome. Its lightweight formula will help exfoliate your skin; increase cell turnover; reduce pore visibility and hyperpigmentation; and bring life back to dull skin, without the flakiness usually caused by retinoids. Use as part of your nighttime skincare routine – just be sure to wear an especially high SPF during the day to protect against sun damage..."
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Luxurious Magazine UK - 6 May 2020

Guide to New Beauty Products to Try While You're At Home

"A few waves of the wand over your skin is all it takes to reap the rewards. It’ll transform your skin with a natural acid blend, making it instantly softer and clearer, with reduced pores and less redness..."
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Popsugar US - 4 May 2020

Yes, Black People Do Need Sunscreen

"...The sun is attracted to anything dark. "If you're in a black car or white car, which car will feel hotter [after sitting in the sun]?" asked Bianca Estelle, founder of bea Skin Care and former skincare specialist in London. "The black car, because UV rays and light are attracted to pigment..."
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Evening Standard UK - 2 May 2020

Best products for acne scars and hyperpigmentation

"...The lightweight magical mix of kojic mandelic and lactic acids reduces discolouration, speeds up skin turnover and tightens pores for a more even skin tone. When used twice daily as part of your routine like we did, say hello to bright, youthful looking skin within six weeks of usage..."
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Daily Express UK - 24 Apr 2020

Beauty News

"...GIVE dull skin a new lease of life with bea Skin Care's AHA Rejuvenating Wands. The exfoliating formulat contains glycolic, citric and lactic acids to tackle marks and shrink those pores..."

Vegan Food and Living UK - 17 Apr 2020

bea Peptide Eye Serum

"...bea Peptide Eye Serum is an anti-ageing periocular serum that improves blood circulation and prevents free radical damage. Packed with Enzymes and Antioxidants, it rejuvenates the delicate under-eye region and reduces common signs of ageing, including undereye bags, discoloration, and wrinkles..."

Women's Running UK- Apr 2020

This Month We Love

"...bea Skin Care Solar Defence SPF 30 - protect your skin against UV radiation and improve photodamage..."

Cosmopolitan UK - 16 Mar 2020

Your complete guide to salicylic acid

"...[salicylic acid] is an active ingredient that is mainly used for acne. It has a large molecular size which doesn’t penetrate the skin as aggressively,” says Medical Aesthetician Bianca Estelle. “It’s ideal for addressing excess oil within the skin, including on areas of cystic and inflamed acne..."
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Spell Magazine UK - March 2020

Meet your Cellmates

"...Skin and haircare products featuring advanced stem cell technology...Peptide Skin Booster - £110..."

Black Beauty & Hair UK - Feb/Mar 2020

Beauty Edits - The hottest beauty booty hitting the shops right now...

"...BBH loves - Try the Recovery Treatment Eye Masks - they make a fab perker-upper before the big night out..."

Vitality Magazine UK - Jan/Feb 2020

N is for nature hacking

"...Plants, flowers, fruits - you name it, natural ingredients aren't going anywhere..bea Skin care Master Antioxidant Bar packs an impressive 10% vitamin C punch thanks to the addition of oranges..."

Absolutely.london UK - JAN 2020

Health & Beauty Trend

"..Get glowy - Our favourite products for replenishing dry winter skin - bea Skin Care Bightening Serum £54..."

Women's Running UK - Jan 2020

3 Soothing Muscle Rubs

"...bea Skin Care Brightenning Body Lotion - Fight the harsh winter elements, reduce the common markers of UV damage, diminish stretch marks and remove discolouration from elbows, knuckles and knees..."

Top Sante UK - Jan 2020

Next-gen beauty soap

“...if you are still unsure about switching to soap, the luxurious bea Skin Care Master Antioxidant Bar might convinced you. Formulated for mature or hyper-pigmented skin. It contains an impressive 10% Vitamin C to encourage new cell growth…”

Spell Magazine UK - December 2019

New Year Resolutions from the Industry Pros

"...Bianca Estelle - Founder of bea Skin Care - Now's the time to switch your moisturiser for one with extra hydrating properties such as peptides that will help replenish collagen..."

Harpers Bazaar Australia Online - 5 December 2019

Kojic Acid Is Here To Solve Your Pigmentation Problems This Summer

"...Kojic acid may be an AHA, but its benefits go far beyond exfoliation. According to Bianca Estelle, Medical Aesthetician, Skin Specialist and Founder of bea Skin Care, the Japenese fungi-derived ingredient, "acts as a tyrosine suppressant, which prevents melanin production..."
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Women's Running UK - 27 NOV 2019

This month we love

 “...bea Brightening Cleanser and Cream - Luxurious after your workout with this cleanser, infused with skin brighteners, then apply the cream for a more radiant complexion…”

Fit & Well UK - November 2019

What can I do about the dreaded age spots?

"...Skin specialist Bianca Estelle, founder of bea Skin Clinic says: "Products aside, there's also a wide range of treatments available and these include medical microdermabrasion (this isn't the same as microdermabrasion available in beauty salons..."

Stylist UK - 1 October 2019

What exactly is hyperpigmentation and how can it be treated?

“…The best products to treat hyperpigmentation-bea Skin Care Brightening Cleanser, £39…"
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Cosmopolitan UK - October 2019

Shedding Light on Dark-skin Care

“…"so-called ’tyrosinase inhibitors’ are key,” says Dr Ejikeme. “They are compounds that help even skin tone by blocking hyperactivity in pigment-producing cells. Look for arbutin, kojic acid, licorice extracts or tranexamic acid on the ingredients list…”

Baby Mag UK - September 2019

2019 Baby Beauty Awards Hero Product

“…And the award goes to…bea Skin Care Peptide Skin Booster - This bottle packs a punch! The gel sinks into the skin wonderfully and helps even imperfections…"

Health & Fitness UK - August 2019

Beauty Bag

“…bea Skin Care Solar Defence SPF50 - Zinc and titanium help prevent UV rays from penetrating the dermis, while alpha arbutin treats discolouration, sun damage and hyper-pigmentation…”

Fit & Well UK - August 2019

Come Fly With Me

“…Loving this 100% organic bea Skin Care Argan Oil Soap. Medical Strength, rich in vitamin E and helps rectify sun damage…”

Wedding Ideas UK - July 2019

10 Clean Beauty Products To Buy Right Now

“...Give your skin a pick-me-up with this 100% natural serum. Enriched with plant stem cells and peptides, the booster helps combat fine lines and wrinkles returning the skin to its most youthful self. Green tea eases inflammation whilst the hyaluronic acid moisturises. You’ll be asking if there’s anything this little bottle can’t do…Peptide Skin Booster”
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Spell Magazine - 4 July 2019

'Beam me up Scotty’ facial

“...Having suffered from acne and hyperpigmentation herself, Bianca understands the journey her clients go through, so I felt like I was in safe hands when she prescribed a glycolic acid peel, medical microdermabrasion and LED light therapy to tackle my congestion and uneven complexion…”
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Vogue UK - 2 July 2019

The Life-Changing Power Of Botox

“...there's no denying that my kiss from the Botox needle has improved the way my skin looks. I can raise my eyebrows and express emotion, but the line's history…”
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Mayfair Times UK - July 2019

Marylebone Beauty Edits

“Rejuvanating Cleanser - £41 from bea Skin Care, 98 Crawford St…"

Spell UK - JULY 2019

Time to Get Even

“…Having suffered from acne and hyperpigmentation herself, Bianca udnerstands the journey her clients go through, so we feel like we’re in safe hands when she prescribes us with glycolic acid peel, medical microdermabrasion and LED light therapy to tackle our congestion uneven complexion…”

Vogue UK - July 2019

Beauty Musings

“Daily Dose - Products containing vitamin C help improve skin’s brightness and texture. From far left: bea Skin Care Vitamin C 25% & Hyaluronic Acid Serum, contains a high concentration for extra potency…”

Health & Wellbeing UK - July 2019

Your Style

“…Try Brightening Cleanser from bea Skin Care. I would suggest that those looking to exfoliate do so with active ingredients and this is especially relevant for those with sensitive or thin skin…"

Editor’s Beauty Online - 14 June 2019

Radically Beautiful Skin with bea Skincare

“...I was lucky enough to be invited to the bea Skin Clinic in Marylebone, London recently to try out their NEW Skin Resurfacing Treatment. This “lunchbreak” treatment is a Glycolic Acid Peel designed to lift dead skin cells to reveal brighter, rejuvenated and more youthful looking skin whilst simultaneously stimulating collagen production…”
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Cosmopolitan UK - 01 June 2019

How Hot Is Your Vagina?

“…I’m having something called Bikini Facial at bea Skin Clinic, which sounds benign enough. The therapist gets to work with a scrub on my inner thighs. “It’s basically a preholiday refresh for your bikini line,” she explains, narrowing her eyes to make sure she eliminates every single remaining ingrown hair.

We Are Auburn UK - 15 May 2019

I Can’t Get Sunburn on a Cloudy Day” And Other Common SPF Myths, Debunked

“...Bianca says, “Regardless of whether you’re in tropical climates or the midst of a British winter, harmful UV rays are still hard at work and, without adequate protection (I suggest a minimum of factor 30), you’re at risk of sun damage, increased signs of ageing and most severely, skin cancer...”
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Vogue UK - 15 May 2019

5 Genius New Ways To Slot Vitamin C Into Your Skincare Routine

“...These patches may look clinical, but the effects are all cosmetic. Simply affix one to your wrist or the inside of your elbow, and the cruelty-free patch will disperse Vitamin C and brightening glutathione into the skin for all-over luminosity…Lumi Glow Patch, £190…”
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Good Housekepping Online - 1 May 2019

The 10 best hydrating under-eye masks for bags, puffiness and dark circles

“...Over 95% of testers also noted that the masks didn’t cause any redness or irritation, making it one of the best for those who may have sensitive skin around the eye area…”
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Conde Nast Traveller UK - May 2019

Free Gifts

“…Perfect for use in-flight, bea Skin Care’s Reovery Treatment Eye Masks soothe and hydrate the delicate under-eye area…”

Good Housekeeping Online - 24 April 2019

bea Skin Care Hydrating Treatment Eye Mask

“...Puffiness and redness are combated with black sea mud which claims to also help plump up minor wrinkles. The eyes are left renewed and refreshed, with results that the brand says get better over time!…”
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Get The Gloss UK - 14 April 2019

These Are The Best Facialist Skincare Brands You Need To Know About

“...Her hero product, in our view, is the Brightening Serum, £54 for 30ml, a satin-smooth serum that contains a high concentrate of alpha arbutin and AHAs to fade discolouration, pigmentation and scarring. For anyone new to the range, the Collection also offers a 5 Step Daily Regime, £186, containing an Exfoliating Cleanser, a Peptide Eye Serum, a Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum, a Firming Serum, and Collagen Cream...”
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Top Tips

“...Appliquez un ecran solaire visage, yeux et corps une demi-heure avant de vous mettre au soleil. bea Skin Care Solar Defence est une formule legere FPS 30 sans parfum, ideale pour le visage, le cou et le decollete. Pour les peaux..."

Wedding Ideas UK - April 2019


“…Testers also commented that their skin was left glowing. There was also pleasant tightening and plumping effect that was felt as the product was absorbing into the skin too…”

Telegraph Online UK - 29 March 2019

The 9 best beauty products to buy now, according to The Telegraph's experts

 “…Peptide Skin Booster, £110 - This does all the hard work so I don’t have to. I apply daily after my serum and before my moisturiser…”

Good Housekeeping UK - 26 March 2019

bea Skin Care vitamin C 20% + Hyaluronic Acid Serum

“…Testers also commented that their skin was left glowing. There was also pleasant tightening and plumping effect that was felt as the product was absorbing into the skin too…”
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Stella UK - 24 March 2019

Editors’ Beauty Picks - Hot on our desk this week

“…Smart Ager - Peptide Skin Booster. This does all the hard work so I don’t have to. I apply daily after my serum and before my moisturiser…”

Stylist UK - 21 March 2019

Mandelic acid: the benefits of adding this super effective ingredient to your skincare routine

 “…Developed by aesthetician Bianca Estelle, this hero cleanser is fast becoming a cult-classic among UK beauty editors for its radiance boosting ability. 3% mandelic acid gently resurfaces skin while 7% kojic acid and vitamin C further accelerates brightening…”
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Red Online UK - 14 March 2019

8 liquid exfoliators that will transform your skin

“...Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser - If you suffer with oil-prone skin but are wary of stripping away natural, protective oils with harsh products, this is the cleanser for you. The lightweight, silky cleanser soaks three AHAs into the skin for a brighter, younger-looking complexion…”
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Evening Standard UK - 13 March 2019

Best Vitamin C serums and skincare products

“…Vitamin C 20% & Hyaluronic Acid - Use this hydrating serum alongside the brand's five step regime for a fast track to firmer and brighter skin. It is ideal for rosacea, sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin. The odourless formula is also cruelty-free and 100 per cent natural…”
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Daily Mail UK - 11 March 2019

5 of the best Hyaluronic Serums

“…bea Skin Care’s Vitamin C 20% and Hyaluronic Acid Serum - with added Vitamin C to give extra oomph. This serum is a hydrating treat for your skin at any time of day…”

Daily Mail Online - 11 March 2019

5 of the best Hyaluronic Serum

“…bea Skin Care’s Vitamin C 20% and Hyaluronic Acid Serum - with added Vitamin C to give extra oomph. This serum is a hydrating treat for your skin at any time of day…”
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Red Online UK - 7 March 2019

Best skincare routine for when you’re in your 40s

“...DON’T FORGET SPF - Exposing skin to UV rays is one of the quickest ways to lose essential collagen levels. After moisturising in the morning, apply a hydrating, antioxidant sunscreen to your face, before applying make-up…”
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Health & Wellbeing Online - 7 March 2019

Turn Back Time With These Anti-Ageing Products

“…We asked Bianca Estelle, skin specialist, medical aesthetician and founder of bea Skin Care (bea-skincare.com), for her top youth-boosting ingredients to look out for when you’re scanning the aisles. Now, you can be confident in achieving the results…”
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The Luxury Chapter UK - 6 March 2019

Top Spring Beauty Products

“…This silky smooth serum regenerates, reduces fine lines and hydrates beautifully. Created by Harley Street skin specialist Bianca Estelle, bea is one of the leading brands in cosmeceutical science…”
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Glamour UK - 4 March 2019

Gigi Hadid named this £5 face scrub as her favourite and chances are you've already tried it

“…Absorbing that exfoliating step into your daily skincare routine, this brightening cleanser teams natural antioxidants with Mandelic acid to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin cells…”
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Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2019

Wedding Wellness

“…If wedding planning is leaving you wide-awake with thoughs buzzing around your head, your eyes might be giving you away. Try bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks. Containing skin boosting co-enzyme Q10 with anti-ageing collagen…”

Your Kent Wedding - March/April 2019

Wedding Wellness

“…If wedding planning is leaving you wide-awake with thoughts buzzing around your head, your eyes might be giving you away. Try bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Mask. Containing skin boosting co-enzyme Q10 with anti-ageing collagen…”

Health & Wellbeing UK - March 2019

Turn Back Time

“…Want to fight the signs of ageing? Then these are the youth-boosting ingredients you need to know about. We asked Bianca Estelle, skin specialist, medical aesthetician and founder of bea Skin Care for her youth-boosting ingredients to look out for when you scanning the aisles…”

Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding UK - March/April 2019

Wedding Wellness

“…If wedding planning is leaving you wide-awake with thoughts buzzing around your head, your eyes might be giving you away. Try bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks. Containing skin boosting co-enzyme Q10 with anti-ageing collagen…”

Your London Wedding - March/April 2019

Wedding Wellness

“…If wedding planning is leaving you wide-awake with thoughs buzzing around your head, your eyes might be giving you away. Try bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks. Containing skin boosting co-enzyme Q10 with anti-ageing collagen…”

Your North East Wedding - March/April 2019

Wedding Wellness

“…If wedding planning is leaving you wide-awake with thoughs buzzing around your head, your eyes might be giving you away. Try bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks. Containing skin boosting co-enzyme Q10 with anti-ageing collagen…”

Reader’s Digest UK - 12 February 2019

7 Treat-yourself beauty buys for a single Valentine’s

“…If you’re… getting over an ex…The secret to these wonder-masks lies in their skin boosting co-enzyme Q10 combined with skin-plumping collagen. Even if you’re not suffering from an aching heart, there’s nothing more calming than lying back with a mask under each eye, the scent of a soothing candle, and your favourite record playing in the background. Place them on while unwinding in a bubble bath for ultimate chill-time...”
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Health & Fitness UK - February 2019

Try This…

“...Try these collagen-enriched under-eye masks to attack those dark circles and boost hydration and skin texture, thanks to the hyaluronic acid they contain plus vitamin B3 and C…"

About Time Magazine - 22 January 2019


“...Glycolic Acid Resurfacer - Best For: Suitable for normal, oily and dry skin, this treatment is the ideal boost for winter skin; it smooths and brightens, as well as diminishing fine lines and tightening pores…”
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MSN UK , 20 Jan 2019

Why you should be using a vitamin C serum

“...Vitamin C should be part of everyone’s regime as it’s so versatile. If there’s one active ingredient to include in your skincare, it’s vit C as it suits skin of all ages as well as every type of skin. Paired with hyaluronic acid, it can also help to hydrate and plump skin,” explains Bianca Estelle, medical aesthetician, skin specialist and founder of bea Skin Care, who’s Master Antioxidant Serum features vitamin C for rejuvenated and brighter skin…"

Red Online UK , 17 Jan 2019

Anti-ageing retinol products that will change your skin

“...bea Skin Care’s 2% retinol serum, use a small amount of this serum to replenish diminished collagen levels. It's a lightweight formula that works well soaked into skin before moisturiser, or mixed in…"

DAILY RECORD UK , 11 Jan 2019

Guide to pepping up your peepers

“...BIANCA Estelle said: “Treating eye bags and dark circles is dependent on the cause, but a good starting point … is using a mask. bea Skincare Rejuvenating Treatment Eye Masks, £48 for six pairs…"


Spring Clean your beauty regime with bea Skin Care

“...If looking after your skin is top of your to-do list this year, the 5 step daily regime is the perfect starter kit that requires little effort for speedy results that get better and better over time. What’s not to love?…"


Potent beauty products you need to know about

“...We’ve found a brand of super-soothing eye masks contain Co-enzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid, which help to hydrate the delicate eye area and combat dull skin, so you can look bright eyed and bushy tailed through glum January…"


Got the January Blues? 5 ways to get rid of dark circles and eye bags

“..."Treating eye bags and dark circles is dependent on the cause, but a good starting point for those who experience these as a result of fatigue, ageing and sun damage is using a mask," says Estelle…"


5 ways to get rid of dark circles and eye bags, according to experts

“...Treating eye bags and dark circles is dependent on the cause, but a good starting point for those who experience these as a result of fatigue, ageing and sun damage is using a mask,” says Estelle.…"

Outdoor Fitness UK - January 2019

bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks & bea Skin Care Pack - Gift Guide

“...These soothing eye masks contain skin-boosting co-enzyme Q10 to address dehydration and dull skin, so you can look bright eyed with no tell-tale signs of those hard training sessions. Protect your skin when out training this winter. Featuring active ingredients including Collagen, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, each kit has been specially formulated by a skin specialist to ensure it balances all skin types, regardless of conditions and concerns…"

HEALTHISTA UK , 18 Dec 2018

Christmas gift guide – 32 last minute healthy MUST HAVES

“...The bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks refresh the delicate under-eye area by tackling the appearance of dark circles, making tired eyes appear fresher and improving the skin’s light reflecting properties for bright-eyed, fresh faced look your party animal friends will love…"



“...If you’re not used to retinol products you may find that they cause your skin to become red, dry and flakey. To avoid this Bianca Estelle, Medical Aesthetician, Skin Specialist and Founder of bea Skin Care in Marylebone, says, “I’d always advise speaking to a professional skin specialist before you start using active ingredients as they will be able to advise what will and won’t be suitable for your skin…"

Kensington & Chelsea Review - Volume four - Dec 2018

Gift Guide

“...bea Skin Care’s Five Step Regime: One solution for all skin types £186…"


All we want for Christmas is…

“...Recovery Treatment Eye Mask - Arrive feeling fresh and looking great with this innovative product that contains the skin-boosting coenzyme Q10…"


the muscle & fitness hers christmas gift guide

“...featuring active ingredients such as collagen, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and more, each kit has been specially formulated by a skin specialist to ensure it balances ALL skin types, regardless of conditions and concerns…"


Mandelic acid is the skincare superhero your beauty regime has been missing, here's what you need to know…

“...Brightening Serum, £54, Bea Skincare. If vitamin C and mandelic acid got married, this would be the baby. Dead skin cells will be removed and discolouration treated – dull skin just doesn't stand a chance…"


People with acne can't stop raving about this £12 cream for banishing their spots overnight

“...Brightening Cleanser, £39, Bea Skincare Absorbing that exfoliation step into your daily skincare routine, this brightening cleanser teams natural antioxidants with Mandelic acid to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin cells…"


The GHI's Tried & Tested review of bea Collagen Complex Cream

“...It scored a whopping 9/10 in our lab test which used image analysis software to look at the reduction in the number of wrinkles and intensity of wrinkles over a 28 day period…"


Regime Change - 10 Steps to Perfect Skin, but you might need a chemistry degree

“...Bianca Estelle, above right, says a daily ritual is therapeutic…"


Regime Change - 10 Steps to Perfect Skin, but you might need a chemistry degree

“...Bianca Estelle, above right, says a daily ritual is therapeutic…"

Byrdie UK, 25 October 2018

Winter Is Coming—This Is How to Stop Your Skin From Freaking Out

“...To help care for the skin and calm down issues like Rosacea, I’d recommend antioxidant-rich formulas such as those found in Bea Skincare’s Master Antioxidant range. In addition, opt for a moisturiser with extra hydrating properties, while products that are high in peptides will help to replenish collagen reserves. Often referred to as the ‘tent pegs’ of our skin, it’s no surprise that higher collagen levels leave us looking more youthful and ‘boosted’,” says Estelle.…"



“...This skin brightening serum contains a mix of AHAs including kojic, mandelic and lactic acids to enliven dull-looking skin for a luminous complexion. A dose of retinol also aids in tightening pores while the vitamin C rejuvenates the skin.…"


Bridal beauty: Six of our favourite overnight skin workouts

“...Bea Skin Care has been created by a Harley Street skin specialist and this power-packed oil from its Advanced System range delivers retinol, alongside vitamin E. It works to restore texture and elasticity, as well as helping to iron out blemishes and imperfections. It can be used under your normal night-time moisturiser.…"

VILLA 88 (ME), 24 Oct 2018

Science of Skincare

“...I developed Bea SkinCare in 2015 when I saw a gap in the market for a skincare range using medical-grade ingredients, developed bymedical professionals," she says. In a market that's mostly saturated with beauty products that overlook the a person'sethnicity and hence their skin color, Bea Skin Care comes as much-needed relief for women who seek products suitedto their genetic compositions. Comprising five targeted product ranges, the brand boasts formulas guided by scientificprinciples and further backed by laboratory evidence to prove their effectiveness.…"

My Weekly Online, October 2018

Heat, Cleanse, Hydrate: Busting winter beauty myths - Bianca’s Winter Beauty Skin Care & Spring Skin Care Tips From Bianca

“...Winter: “In addition, opt for a moisturiser with extra hydrating properties and products high in peptides that will help replenish collagen reserves. Spring: Bianca advises, “As well as a twice-daily routine (AM and PM), I’d also recommend a weekly treatment product, such as our AHA Rejuvenating Wands, which are an at-home alternative to a skin peel…"

Glam Africa Magazine, October 2018

The Glam Africa Beauty Box

“…We hand-pick the best in beauty from Africa, the UK and beyond exclusively for our readers...bea Skin Care Hydrating Treatment Eye Masks…”

Top Sante Magazine, October 2018

Ageless Beauty Award Winners

“1. Best Night Cream - Bronze Award: Collagen Complex Cream - Made for mature skin, this combines apple stem cell, amino acids and shea butter to reduce fine lines and limit the development of deeper ones. 2. Best for Brightening and Pigmentation, Night Cream - Bronze Award: Brightening Cream - This contains a powerful trio of skin lightening and brightening ingredients - plant extracts, alpha arbutin, vitamin C and retinyl palmitate - to tackle melasma, sun spots and hyperpigmentation.”

Villa 88 (ME), October 2018

Science of Skincare

“…bea Skin Care takes a targeted, and medically finessed approach for common skin ailments in the region - exclusive bea benefits: Focus on ethnic skin (Asian, Arab and Afro-Caribbean skin types) which are prone to pigmentation, sensitivity, and inflammatory after a breakout.…”

Natural Health UK, October 2018

Need an anti-ageing reboot?

“…If you’re drinking plenty of water and still suffering from dry skin, the best product to try is a face mask. Bianca Estelle, medical aesthetician, skin specialist and founder of bea Skin Care (www.bea-skincare.com) is a huge advocate for them…”

Black Beauty & Hair Online, 17 September 2018

All about actives

“...bea Skin Care founder Bianca Estelle lists her favourite active ingredients…"

Brown Skin Essentials UK, 8 SEPTEMBER 2018

Common Pitfalls that make pigmentation worse

“…However, we as black women still tan, can burn, are susceptible to skin cancer etc, so adequate protection should be part of our daily skin care regimes and not just when we’re on holiday either!”

La Femme Magazine (ME), SEPTEMBER 2018

Botanical Beauty

“...That’s it, the summer is over. By the end of this month, temperatures will be calmer and we’ll be hitting the pool. Forget the harsh chemicals and hit up our list of the softest, most gentle cleansers, serums and beauty products…2. Advanced Rejuvenating Serum, 5. Master Antioxidant Serum…”

The Guardian Weekend Magazine UK & The Guardian Online, 8 SEPTEMBER 2018

The best skin serums for any age and skin type

“…A new discovery is bea Skin Care’s Vitamin C 20% & Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which feels light, elegant and gentle, despite a whacking great dose of ascorbic acid…”

Forbes Online, September 2018

August: Little Black Book Of Health, Beauty And Wellness Practitioners

“…Bianca Estelle - Founder and director of Bea Skin Clinic Bianca Estelle loves holistic skincare. Her offering spans the aesthetic to the more medical. And her approach is 360-degrees. She can take your blood and see where your deficient, then offer a vitamin infusion for a boost, followed by a facial and at the end she can sell you the products she used, as Estelle has also developed her own cutting-edge skincare line…”

Cosmopolitan Middle East, September 2018

Fashion and Beauty Editor’s Pick - Chloe Bosher

“…This clinical skincare brand has added four new serums to target common complexion issues. I like the Brightening Serum for post summer repai; the combination of AHAs, retinol and vitamin C help reduce discolouration and rejuvenate the skin…”

Health & Wellbeing UK, September 2018

Win a Luxurious Bundle of bea Skin Care Products

“…We teamed up with bea Skin Care to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a £500 bundle of beauty buys…whether your skin concern is excess oil, acne, hyper pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles, bea Skin Care’s award-winning products can help...”

My Weekly Magazine UK, 07 August 2018

Focus on…Sun Safety

“…Gentle Care - bea Skin Care Solar Defence contains SPF30 and Alpha Arbutin. This organic, skin brightening sunscreen helps protect against UV rays while treating discolouration, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. Light enough to wear under make-up and gentle on sensitive skin. It can also be applied around the eyes after aesthetic procedures…”

baws.ae (UAE), 2 August 2018

Unveil Radiant Summer Skin with The New Range of Corrective Cleansers from bea Skin Care

“…This summer, it’s time to give your skin a deep cleanse and unveil radiant results with the new range of cleansers from bea Skin Care, the award winning cosmeceutical brand from London, UK…”

Health & Fitness UK, July/August 2018

It worked for me

“…H&F writer Gabriella Nathan tries a bikini-body beauty treatment - Bikini Facial. The effects were immediate - the skin on my outer thighs has never felt so soft and my bikini line and upper thighs are free from pesky ingrowing hairs…”

Wedding Ideas UK , August 2018

Hot Bright Now

“Summer brides, rejoice! Shimmer your way down the aisle with the products causing a skincare stir..featuring bea Skin Care’s Argan Oil Beauty Bar and Lumi Glow Patch…”

Health & Fitness UK, July/August 2018

How do I Care for Skin in the Sun

“…Overexposure to ultraviolet light is the primary cause of skin cancer, so use a sun screen containing a minimum SPF30 (try bea Skin Care Solar Defence Spray SPF30, 100ml). Or try a supplement that helps enhance UV protection, such as bea Skin Care Solar Defence Oral Supplements, which contains calaguala leaf extract and vitamin B3, B12 and D to build UV tolerance and help protect against ageing…”

The National (UAE), 31 July 2018

Why a skincare regime for men is vital in the UAE

“...Bianca Estelle is a Harley Street-trained skin specialist and founder of bea Skin Care, she says that, to combat environemntal damage, cleansing is vital and just one of the many things often overlooked by men. “Here in the UAE,” she advises, “men’s skin is subjected to air that is highly polluted, which can cause a build-up of dirt over the course of the day. Using a good quality cleanser twice a day…”

Thenational.ae, 31 July 2018

Why a skincare regime for men is vital in the UAE

“...Bianca Estelle is a Harley Street-trained skin specialist and founder of bea Skin Care, she says that, to combat environemntal damage, cleansing is vital and just one of the many things often overlooked by men. “Here in the UAE,” she advises, “men’s skin is subjected to air that is highly polluted, which can cause a build-up of dirt over the course of the day. Using a good quality cleanser twice a day…”

Absolutely Mama UK, JUL 2018

Solar Defence SPF30 Sunscreen

“6 of the best under-100ml and travel products \ bea Skin Care - Solar Defence SPF30 Sunscreen, 50ml’’

Metro UK, 20 JUL 2018

The vegan, cruelty-free guide to skincare

“...This made my eye area feel a lot fresher, especially in the morning when I wake up with puffy eyes after not enough sleep. ‘It feels nice and cool when you put it on and it feels like it’s making my dark circles get better…’’

The National UAE, 5 July 2018

Mid-air skincare

“...The recycled dry air and lack of oxygen owing to the cabinpressure can leave the skin dehydrated and irritated, which is the last thing you want when you step off theplane, in the midst of the excitement of travelling to exotic destinations," says Bianca Estelle, Harley StreetSkin Care clinician and founder of Bea Skin Care…”

Thenational.ae, 4 July 2018

A guide to skin care in the air: how to alleviate the damage caused by flying

“...Although dry skin is a more common condition, a feeling of greasiness will inevitably follow. According to the experts at Himalaya: “People with oily skin will notice their T-zone getting oilier. This is an indication that the skin is trying its best to fight the dry conditions, by increasing oil secretion.” This can lead to breakouts and zits, but a mild product with hyaluronic acid can help counter these, too. A good one for those prone to acne is Bea Skin Care’s 15 per cent Glyco Serum…”

Runner's World Magazine, July 2018

Fit to be Seen

“...bea Skin Care Solar Defence Oral Supplements - A daily tablet containing vitamins D, B3, and B12, as well as calaguala leaf extract to strengthen immune response, gradually build UV tolerance and lower the chances of sunburn…”

Cosmopolitan UK, July 2018

Some Snacks Can Help Protect Skin

“...Munchies at the ready. Bianca Estelle, founder of bea Skin Care, says, “For extra sun protection alongside topical creams, increase your vitamin C and E intake with foods and drinks like guava, orange juice, almonds, spinach and avocado. Green tea can be particularly beneficial…”

Khaleej Madame Magazine, 29 June 2018

SOS Travel Beauty Essentials from bea Skin Care

“…A carefully curated selection of products can help alleviate the ill-effects of travelling – bea Skin Care have a variety of products available to protect your skin in any environment. Whether it’s a weekend city break or a sun-drenched beach holiday, bea Skin Care have products to soothe, protect, moisturize and cleanse your skin wherever you go.…”

The Telegraph UK, 22 June 2018

The best beauty products to buy now, according to The Telegraph's experts

“…A carefully curated selection of products can help alleviate the ill-effects of travelling – bea Skin Care have a variety of products available to protect your skin in any environment. Whether it’s a weekend city break or a sun-drenched beach holiday, bea Skin Care have products to soothe, protect, moisturize and cleanse your skin wherever you go.…”

Stella Magazine UK, 17 Jun 2018

Editors' Picks: Stella Smart Ager

“…If you haven’t introduced retinol into your regime yet, its time to. It’s the ultimate brightener and smart ager…”

The Telegraph UK, 12 Jun 2018

Is your phone making you look older? And the best products to combat the ageing effects

“…Start your defense from the inside out with these SPF supplements that will reduce damage from exposure to HEVL.…”

The Telegraph UK, 8 Jun 2018

The new skin regime to adopt for every ageing concern

“...Use a retinol at night to increase skin cell turnover which will resurface and brighten skin over time…”


Summer Beauty Saviours

“…Keep skin in top condition with these beauty bag essentials. From bea’s Lumi Glow Patch to … these are summer’s essential beauty buys…”

Absolutely Mama Magazine, June 2018

6 of the Best Sun Defence Products

“...Solar Defence Oral Supplements, Editor’s Pick…”

Exquisite Concierge UK, 23 May 2018

bea Skin Care Summer Body Blitz Essentials

“...This cosmeceutical range has formulations that will transform even the dullest of skin, leaving you a pillar of confidence as you step into that bikini. Expertly formulated by Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist of 17 years, Bianca Estelle, this impressive selection of body products features active ingredients for FDA-approved, safe and effective results that are sure to have you beaming on the beach this SS18…”

Byrdie UK, 10 May 2018

Yes, We’re Still Banging On About This Vitamin but That's Because It's So Good

“...With a high concentration of 20% vitamin C and an array of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients including the incredibly hydrating hyaluronic acid, skin stays safeguarded throughout the day…”

PopSugar Magazine, Middle East, 10 May 2018

The Best New Ethnic Beauty Product in the World Right Now Is Gonna Change the Way You Tackle Breakouts

“… bea Skin care claimed the prize for their Luminescence Range's Kojic Acid Radiance Bar, and founder Bianca Estelle told POPSUGAR Middle East why the argan oil and plant enzyme-packed item is changing the way we deal with breakouts...”

Woman Magazine UK, 8 MAY 2018

Better Beauty

“…Pure argan oil benefits aged, rough, dry and damaged complexions. This medical-strength soap is rich in Vitamin E and rectifies sun damage, melasma, and freckles…”

Absolutely Mama Magazine, 15 MAY 2018

Mama’s Beauty Notes - the best defence

“…we particularly recommend bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence, an organic, skin brightening sunscreen that contains SPF30 and helps protect against those nasty UV rays…”

Health Magazine UAE, 17 APRIL 2018

Getting Flawless Skin… Meet Bianca Estelle - Founder of Bea Skincare

“...London based cruelty-free cosmeceutical brand offering high-quality skincare products expertly formulated using high concentrations of active ingredients, while Vitamin Injections London are a range of skin patches that are available in unique formulations, including vitamin B12, B Complex and D3 and glutathione….”


Ask me anything - What’s the big deal with Vitamin C

“…From our mid-20s, our natural collagen reserves begin to diminish so Vitamin C helps top this up. Beyond this, vitamin C is also an antioxidant, so regular use will eff ectively combat blemishes, scarring and other discoloration concerns resulting in a smoother and brighter complexion…”

Hip and Healthy Website, 13 April 2018

Kiss Goodbye To Winter Skin – Spring Beauty Essentials

“…Bianca Estelle, founder of bea Skin Care explains that “as we wave goodbye to winter, it’s also a good idea to consider using products that rejuvenate the skin to remove the build-up of dry, dull skin. Our bea Skin Care AHA Rejuvenating Wands, for example, contain a blend of lactic, glycolic and citric acid which provides a deep, yet gentle, purifying peel that will abolish dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion…”

Esquire Big Black Book (ME), 4 APRIL 2018

Quotes from the expert

“…Quotes from the experts including Bianca Estelle, Founder of Bea Skin Care and Shawna Morneau,Founder and Managing Director of Hammamii, and Neaumorinc.…”

Esquire Big Black Book (ME), 4 APRIL 2018

Get your skin in-check!

“…We are creatures of habit. That is no secret. We can also let certain things slide - too long betweenhaircuts, shoes unpolished. We have rounded up the best advice, products and stores for a simple five-step skin regime to keep that skin looking fresh. The list include Bea Skin Care Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser…”

Telegraph UK, 20 March 2018

Is menopause ruining your skin? Here are the solutions

“…Vitamin C should be your fail-safe ingredients. As an anti-oxidant, it acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor, preventing enzymes in your body from creating too much melanin (your own skin pigment) aka pigmentation…”

Mums & Tots magazine, MARCH 2018

Beauty / Just for Mum

“…Vitamin C 20% & Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Step 3) featured amongst gift list for mums…”

Health and Wellbeing UK, 8 MARCH 2018

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

“…made up of five essential products. Specifically formulated to target every layer of the skin, these items will improve skin tone, texture, hyperpigmentation, pores and signs of ageing…”


Cleansing Bars Are Back, and These New-Gen Soaps Are Selling Out

“...Seems pretty spendy, but this contains glutathione and 10% vitamin C, which is around the RDA for your skin. When fused together, they fight pigmentation so your skin really does look glowier…”

Cosmopolitan Magazine (ME), 4 Mar 2018

Beauty Loot

“…There’s nothing better than a boost of Vitamin C to get my skin feeling fabulous. Packed with antioxidants, amino acids, hyaluronic acids, and vitamins, this five steps formula completely delivers on its promise to target every skin woe…”

Women’s Health Magazine (ME), 1 Mar 2018

Beauty Discuss

“...Going square: A soap bar....for your face? Absolutely. Say hello to Bea Skincare's new range of facial bars, all designed to help your skin get some serious glow…”


The best beauty products to buy now, according to The Telegraph's experts

“…Glutathione is the new thing when it comes to smart ageing. Its antioxidants encourage ne cell growth. I pair with Vitamin C serum for an extra boost…”


Beauty - Best Buy For Your Daily Ritual

“…Ideal for those who are intolerant to glycolic acid. bea Skin Care’s Acne Treatment Gel works to gently unclog blocked pores and exfoliate accumulated dead skin cells…”


Dark skin myths busted, by the Black Skin Directory’s founder

“...Brands like Neostrata, SkinCeuticals, bea skin care and Medik8 all have ingredients and technology such as tyrosinaise inhibitors and vitamin A which tackle hyperpigmentation, AHAs like glycolic and lactic acid to encourage cell turnover, antioxidants and skin brighteners such as vitamin C, apple stem extract and liquorice extract…”


The Real Glow

“…These revolutaionary AHA Rejuvenating Wands are easy to apply mini skin peel applicators that are perfect for DIY solutions for professional mini peels in the comfort of your home! The swabs on these single-use wands are soaked in 7 per cent glycolic acid, lactic acid, and citric acid, promising to brighten your complexion and fixing range of issues like acne…"



“…Hairs in our moles are a good sign,” says Bianca Estelle of bea Skin Clinic. “As unappealing as they may be perceived, it’s reassuring us to find one with sprouting hairs so it shouldn’t be anything to feel embarassed about…"


They Don't Call These Magical Skin Rejuvenating Sticks "Wands" For Nothing

“...Just pop one open and run the large cotton swab end all over your face and neck before washing it off after a couple of minutes. There isn't tons of product though so follow the instructions and start in the middle of the face, blending to the outside and be careful not to go over the same area to ensure you cover everything…."


Harness the Power of the Plant

“...You wouldn’t necessarily link a humble soap to skincare but this is a beauty bar with a difference, and certainly packs a punch. This medical strength vegan wash bar lightens hyper pigmentation across the entire body and promotes an even skin tone and skin cell renewal packed with 20 per cent kojic acid, plant enzymes, and nourishing argan oil...”


Get the glow

“...Polish up your skin with these new treats from bea Skin Care. All products available from bea-skincare.com. These mini skin peel applicators can be used twice-a-week at home, and work to brighten your complexion, as well as fix conditions such as acne, enlarged pores and wrinkles…”


Beauty Charts

“...Opt for new-season beauty buys in bold, shimmering shades to ensure you shine right the way through2018 including Bea Skin Care AHA Rejuvenating Wands, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Nuvola Rosa,Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Sunset Glow, Dior Poison Girl Unexpected Roller Pearl, AvedaTexture Tonic, Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate at Paris Gallery and others…”


Innovative line of cosmeceutical products enters the middle east

“...London based, cruelty-free cosmeceutical brand, bea Skin Care offers high quality skincare products expertly formulated using high concentrations of active ingredients. Founded by Skin Specialist Bianca Estelle, the brand includes a range of specially formulated products suitable for all skin types. The range can now be purchased online by residents in the Middle East…”


Bea Skin Care – Microbeads ban in UK

“...bea Skin Care’s AHA Rejuvenating Wands uses Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which are acids primarily derived from natural elements like grapes and sugarcanes. AHA products are more beneficial for skin that is damaged or dry and tends to show its effects on the outer core of the skin. The mini skin peel applicators are easy to apply and enable you to perform your own professional mini peels at home!…"


The Beauty Beat: bea Skin Care, Mi Rebotica reviews

“...When acid toning meets a bit of innovation, it looks something like the bea Skin Care AHA Rejuvenating Wands. While they are labelled as an at-home skin peel, which sounds quite alarming, they are very gentle on the skin…”


Simple Plain Facts – why SPF is the way forward

“...bea Skin Care is fast becoming renowned as a pioneering nutrition for the dermis and it is easy to see why. Bianca has developed cutting edge products such as Solar Defence Capsules and has spent her time tirelessly campaigning for people to recognise the need for vital “skin foods” that include peptides alongside complemntary products such as argan oil, vitamins and growth factors…”


The Arabian A-Z Directory: “A” is for Argan Oil

“...bea Skincare Argan Oil Beauty Bar - An organic, medical-strength soap infused with vitamin E and vital nutrients, which rectifies sun damage, melasma, and freckles by lightening areas of skin affected by various forms of pigmentation…”


Reverse Signs of Your Last Beach Getaway With These Brightening Treatments

“...AHA Rejuvenating Wands, mini easy-to-apply skin peel applicators soaked in 7% glycolic, lactic, and citric acids made to brighten the complexion…”


Why It's Time to Start Stocking Vitamin Suppositories in Your Bathroom

“...Seeing as glutathione fights free radical damage as well as viruses and bugs, it's no wonder I was feeling healthier after just a couple of weeks. It's recommended that people do it every other night in their first week before increasing to every evening from the second...”


My Secret Weapon

"...bea Skin Clinic founder and skin specialist Bianca Estelle reveals her top beauty buy ..."


bea Beauty

"...Get your skin fun-ready with the clever AHA Rejuvenating Wands. Using seven percent glycolic, lactic andcitric acid, the potion will brighten skin, help clear acne and smooth wrinkles. INFO: Dhs295 (pack of 10), available at bea-skincare.com ..."


Pamper your skin with these products

"...Rich of vitramins and antioxidants | The london-based brand bea Skin care recognized that Eastern women put the skin care on their toppriorities, so it has worked its way to make its products arrive to all women in Middle East, through its website. The bea Skin Care collection includes, Step Daily Regime, Acne Care Range, Advanced SystemRange, and Luminescence Range..."


Review: Bea Skincare

"...The Bea Skincare line consists of a number of targeted ranges that are suitable for every skin type and need. There's The 5 Step Daily Regime, The Advanced System Range featuring anti-aging masks and AHA rejuvenating wands, The Luminescence Range which contains everything you need for a glowing complexion, The Acne Care Range, The Master Antioxidant Range and The Essential Range containing anti-bacterial blotting paper, konjac sponges and organic cleansing wipes..."


The Ultimate Winder Skincare Guide

"...I’ve been impressed with the bea Skin Care products I’ve tested so far and will definitely try the other products within the 5-day regime (Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Peptide Eye Peptide Serum and Vitamin C20% & Hyaluronic Acid Serum). Watch this space for further reviews!..."


bea AHA Rejuvenating Wands

“...The pack contains ten individual-use wands, all neatly packaged up, so the ingredients are as fresh and as potent as possible for when you want to use them. You can use the product once per week, although do think ahead when using the wands – since they are designed to remove the top layer of skin – a day or two after use, you might get a few patches of dry skin. It’s nothing to worry about, and a gentle exfoliation, followed by a generous dollop of moisturiser leaves skin looking and feeling brand new!…”


Gorgeous Gifts for Your Loved Ones

"...Give the gift of amazing skin with BEA Skin Care’s Brightening Rejuvenating Wands; single-use facial peel applicators soaked in 30 percent lactic acid and 10 percent mandelic acid..."


We’re cleansing with…

“…This 100 per cent organic Argan Oil Beauty Bar benefits ageing, rough, dry and damaged skin, rectifying sun damage and lightening areas of skin affected by pigmentation such as age spots and freckles…”


bea Skincare where skincare meets science

“...Loved by socialites and celebrities alike, bea Skin Care’s exclusive range includes five targeted product ranges such as the ‘5 Step Daily Regime’, a range packed with peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids as well as potent AHAs, formulated to target each and every layer of skin, improving skin tone and texture through continuous use;”


Women Skin Care

"A major cause of the rise in adult acne is due to the thick anti-wrinkle creams that women in their 30's and 40's start applying as a deterrent to ward off signs of ageing". Says Bianca...


Bea Kind to Your Skin

"The Bea Skin Care Argan Oil Beauty Bar is a versatile medical strength soap bar that benefi ts aged, rough, dry and damaged skin. It rectifi es sun damage and lightens areas of skin affected by pigmentation such as age spots."

Glamour Magazine, NOVEMBER 2017

My Battle With Adult Acne

"By Glamour's Beauty Editor and bea Skin Care client Dominique Temple"


Best New Facial Skin Treatment Product

“With a new and improved formula, these revolutionary Rejuvenating Wands are mini skin peel applicators that provide…”


Six genius ways you can look after your skin that you never knew about

"With a new and improved formula, these revolutionary Rejuvenating Wands are mini skin peel applicators that provide an easy-to-apply, professional 'mini peel' at home.The single-use wands are soaked in seven per cent glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid and can be used twice a week. They brighten the complexion, working on a range of skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, while ensuring regular skin care products are absorbed more effectively."


bea Skin Care

Our bea Skin Care range is one of the fastest growing skin care product ranges in the UK and consistently receives awesome feedback:

"My skin felt lovely and smooth once I had dried it. In fact, it felt similar to when I’ve been for a facial. The skin looked brighter and my large pores looked visible smaller (they almost disappeared completely!)."


See what the range has to offer here or visit our main site, bea-skincare.com. We deliver throughout the UK, EU and internationally.


Time For A Boost?

"Each wand is soaked with seven per cent glycolic acid, which, when swiped over your face, gives a lift."


Step Away From The Screen...

"Shield your skin from blue light pollution. Keep your skin protected with HEVL busting products and broad spectrum SPF…. ...Bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence is an organic, skin brightening SPF 30 sunscreen with alpha arbutin which helps diminish hyper-pigmentation over time. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and treats discolouration and sun damage in one."


Top tip for last-minute breakouts

"Skin specialist Bianca Estelle from bea Skin Clinic www.bea-skincare.com reveals her top tips for dealing with any last-minute breakouts..."


Sun VS Skin

"With just the wave of an AHA wand, transform your skin from break-out city to rejuvenated and smooth. bea Skin Care’s AHA Rejuvenating wands – Pack of 10, £60.00, are the magic you’ve been waiting for to brighten your complexion and deal with pesky problems. Persevere and your skin will thank you. Small enough to..."


How to prevent a date night acne breakout

"...Using multiple products when you’re going through a bad breakout isn’t the answer. I recommend clients use AHA rejuvenating wands twice a week, which contains 7% glycolic acid, a natural skin resurfacer, to keep blemishes and scarring at bay."


Our Favourite Sun Protective Lotions For Face and Body

"From Bea Advanced System Range, this organic, lightweight moisturiser is ideal for daily use and contains a blend of natural and medical grade ingredients to ensure sun protection as well as treating hyperpigmentation and the effects of existing sun damage..."


Solar power: would you take a tablet instead of applying sunscreen?

"Bea Skin Care has also created a range of Solar Defence supplements, which include calaguala leaf extract. 'The plant originates from South America, where it has long been used to treat skin conditions,' says founder Bianca Estelle. 'Research has proved it has natural photoprotective properties, and daily use results in a resilient complexion.'"


It's on the rise but can be controlled says skin expert Bianca Estelle

"bea Skin Care’s 5 Step Daily Regime allows individuals to customise their skin care according to their own particular needs. The products contain medical grade ingredients carefully formulated alongside complementary additives such as apple stem cells and green tea to minimize irritation and over-drying creating silky serums and gentle cleansers that neutralise subdermal inflammation."

BT.COM, MAY 2017

Vampire Facials: What are they, what is the procedure and what is it really like to have one?

“Normally I have a regimented skin care routine comprising of far more than just two products, but dutifully stuck to those Bianca had recommended.Sure enough as the days rolled on my skin did improve, although it did take about a week for the redness to finally calm down.Now that two weeks have passed I can confidently say my skin is better than ever, and even without using any products on my face at all it’s soft, smooth and plump.Ready for me to go back to my not-quite-as-fabulous-as-Kim-Kardashian life.”


How To Stop Scarring If You Picked A Pimple

“Use Bea AHA Rejuvenating Wands [£60] once or twice a week, dependent on your skin type (1 if you experience the odd pimple, 2 if you're acne prone). Opt for products that contain brightening lactic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin, and mandelic acid, which accelerates cell turnover [new skin].”


Women in Beauty

“Bianca Estelle opened her first clinic at only 22 (now she runs two). Combining her professional experience in medical aesthetics and entrepreneurial spirit, Bianca Estelle launched bea Skin Care in 2015, tackling a range of skin concerns, from acne to anti-ageing, with complementing treatments performed at her clinics.”


The Chosen Few

“Bea Skin Care Solar Defence SPF30, £24; beaskincare.com 'A lightweight moisturiser with a high daily dose of sun protection. Contains hyaluronic acid and alpha arbutin, which repair existing sun damage and signs of ageing.'”


Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Peptide Eye Serum

“These products are available to purchase you can get the cleanser here for £29.00 and the serum is also available here for £39.00.”


Bumps Be Gone

“Bea Skin Care Kojic Acid Radiance Bar (£25) exfoliates damaged, rough and dry skin, creating a smooth surface that will see the end of dreaded chicken skin.”


#NLGirlBoss: Sarah Cordier

“WHICH WOMEN ALONG THE WAY HAVE INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? .... I am also really inspired by Bianca Estelle, owner & founder of Bea Skincare. She’s an experienced Skin Specialist with clinics in London's Crawford Street, Antwerp and Abuja. She went on to apply her scientific training towards the formulation of her own cosmeceuticals – bea Skin Care - harnessing her extensive knowledge of the industry in order to ensure that her innovative products are of the highest potency and quality....”


Expert Advice for the Skincare Beginners

“Invest in cosmeceuticals rather than cosmetics. Look for products that contain things like hyaluronic acid, vitamins and natural alphahydroxy acids such as glycolic acid. Find an exfoliating cleanser that is the right pH balance, with some of those active ingredients I mentioned earlier such as glycolic acid, and start working with serums. My bea Skin Care ‘Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum’ is both anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory, this serum contains an incredible 20% vitamin C. It’s lightweight and contains essential fatty acids, topical vitamin C and hyaluronic acid - a natural substance abundant in young skin. It lightens hyperpigmentation, minimises sun damage, decreases skin puffiness and hydrates the skin without leaving it congested.”


New Year New Skin

"Adult acne is caused by the same things that cause teen acne, excess oil and bacteria. Changes in hormones, including those brought on by pregnancy and menstruation, can trigger excess oil.Treatment for Acne SkinOne of the best treatments for acne is a combined therapy of Glycolic acd resurfacer and LED light therapy utilising blue light. The Glycolc acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from the fruit sugar cane, used to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production, as well as clear the pores of oil and bacteria and regulate sebaceous activity. LED blue light therapy - Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria known as Propinbacterium acnes, or P acnes, which can cause inflammation. P acne bacteria is sensitive to blue light. Using blue light eliminates the bacteria found in the oil glands in the skin.Bea Skin Clinic is one of the top clinics in London who specialise in a range of aesthetic skin treatments and who also specialise in treating acne skin. bianca Estelle is a top skin specialist and clinic director of Bea Skin Clinic who has achieved an advanced level of accreditation in almost every cutting-edge technical skin care procedure available today providing her clients with first class aesthetic skin treatments."


Beauty Resolutions The Experts Wish You'd Make

"'As tempting as it can be, popping spots is a massive no-no! If you wanted to go down this route, I’d advise the help of a skin specialist such as myself. At my clinics, I offer treatments (even for those annoying, last-minute random spot flare-ups) which tackle this with either a medical extractor or a microlance needle. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to squeeze them as this only leads to scarring and the potential spread of bacteria across the face.'Bianca Estelle, skin specialist and founder of bea Skin Care"


What do the GLAMOUR Beauty team have on their bathroom #Shelfie?

“My skin is quite prone to breakouts so I swear by the BEA Acne Treatment Gel. I apply it topically to a nasty pore and it's less angry and red by the morning.”


Founder and clinical director of Bianca Estelle Aesthetics Skin Clinics

“'What is the best moisturiser for oily skin?'The best moisturiser for oily skin I would recommend is the BEA Firming Serum, which is a natural hydrator. The main ingredient in this is hyaluronic acid, which is a gel-like, water-based substance that retains over 1000 times its weight in water, making it an amazing natural moisturiser for oily skin types.'What is the best food/drink for great skin?'Water is great for your skin as it helps to eliminate toxins. Increasing your water intake will also improve skin hydration levels and prevent dehydration. Coconut water is the next best hydrator to water. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it helps promote healthy tissue and generates new cell growth.It's important to keep the skin hydrated both internally and externally as dehydration can lead to dull looking skin and increase fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin can also lead to break outs as dehydration can cause the sebaceous glands to become over active and produce excess oil.For topical rehydration, I recommend the use of either BEA Skincare Firming Serum or BEA Collagen Complex Cream (normal, dry, combination skin types).As for food, try avocado, almonds and nuts, or omega fatty acids found in oily fish like salmon and mackerel. Omega fatty acids help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, as well as promoting healthier, plumper, younger-looking skin.Citrus fruit such as lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit have natural anti-inflammatory qualities, which help with dry/irritated skin types. They are also naturally antibacterial so ideal for oily/acne prone skin to prvent breakouts, and they are all antioxidant which have a brightening effect on the skin. Oranges in particular contain ascorbic acid/Vitamin C, which s known for its anti-ageing qualities, skin brightening, in addition to the prevention and treatment of sundamage to the skin.Including citrus fruit as part of your 5 a day has been proven to improve and prevent skin sagging, fine line wrinkles, discolouration and ageing of the skin."


Sprinkle It With Sugar

“BEA MASTER ANTIOXIDANT BAR WITH VITAMIN C - RRP £45, available from www.bea-skincare.com”


5 Beauty Trends That Will Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine in 2017

“As the New Year approaches, it's time to get out with the old and in with the new. If the contents of your bathroom cabinet are not quite doing it for you, it's probably time to switch up the way you're approaching your skin care routine. London's Harley Street-trained Skin Specialist, Bianca Estelle – who is the Clinical Director of BEA Skin Clinic, plus brains behind the BEA Skin Care range and Vitamin Injections London – speaks to POPSUGAR Middle East about what skin care trends we're likely to see in 2017.”


Can A Pill Make You Prettier?

“Skin specialist and director of Bea Clinics, Bianca Estelle, says: “Supplements work to give your body an extra boost of nutrients that you are otherwise not getting.” In a fast-paced society where skipping lunch is the norm, obtaining our daily recommended servings of Omega-3, vitamins and other essential nutrients can be difficult. This is where the crop of complexion-clearing, metabolism-boosting, and hair-enhancing supplements come into play. Whether they are in the form of skin-pumping collagen pills, digestive aids, or powdered ingestibles, the new wave of beauty-boosters comes with an attractive set of possibilities.”



“bea Rejuvenating Wands - £60 for a pack of 10 wands - www.bea-skincare.com”.


Gently Does It

“Created by skincare supremo, Bianca Estelle, the BEA Skin Care Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (£29.00) is gentle enough to use every day, regardless of whether you have normal, oily or even acne prone skin. A little goes an extremely long way and I love the fact that it contains sugar cane to gently exfoliate, and green tea extract to soothe and calm your skin.”


Collagen Complex Face Cream

“This anti-ageing and nutrient-rich formula works to stimulate the skin's natural repair mechanisms and moisturise dehydrated and damaged skin. Reducing fine lines and preventing future lines, the Collagen Complex face cream restores dry skin with peptides, apple stem cells, amino acids and shea butter, £42.”


How To Beat Acne

“Acne is a common skin condition which usually starts in puberty and varies in severity. It causes spots, oily skin and in more severe cases, skin that's hot or painful to touch and develops predominantly on the face, back and chest. For the majority it tends to resolve by the late teens or early twenties but can persist for longer, affecting women and men in their late twenties and thirties.”


Make-Up Maestro

“We discovered the bea Skin Care line - ideal for professionals to use and introduce to our clients. bea Skin Care is being spoken about by celebrities and skincare experts across the UK, Europe and now in Dubai.”


The Smart Girl's Guide to Surviving LFW

"Make sure you're showing off the best version of yourself with bea Skin Care facial. Using products from the skincare range of Bianca Estelle (who just happens to be alumnus from the prestigious London College of Fashion), her bespoke medi-facials will brighten up skin so you're glowing for the FROW. The likes of Made in Chelsea's Ashley James and Rosie Fortescue have been raving about using the brand via thesecretspa.co.uk, which acts as your private salon if you're running short on time."


Microbeads Aren't Just Poisoning The Planet

"You can tell when skin is being overexfoliated with microbeads: it is inflamed and if someone already has vascular problems, like rosacea, it is even more irritated.If you’re using them this much, your skin barrier is weakened, especially now there is a trend for battery-operated cleansing brushes. Exfoliators which have beads should be used no more than once or twice a week."


Approaching Treatments Safely

"There's a growing trend in the world of beauty: injections, or 'injectable aesthetic treatments' to be precise. There are a whole host of issues that can be solved with a syringe."


Outsmart Your Skin

"bea Skin Care is a results driven skincare brand formulated with clinical grade ingredients blended with nourishing skin loving ingredients designed to give you the most effective results for your best skin ever"


Interview with Secret Spa founder Emily Ewart-Perks

"Personally, I think that regular facials are essential to having glowing skin. I am 40 this month so I try to have a facial once month which is what we recommend, our therapists have just been trained to do BEA brightening medi-facials. It’s been designed by Bianca Estelle... She designed the facial for people who want to maintain and enhance their beauty regime, lots of people book in with her in the clinic to have a complete skin make over, this is just a hint of the treatments she has on offer. "


bea Skin Care Facial

"I got a lovely facial at home on Sunday, Secret Spa have teamed up with BEA Skincare and created an amazing facial. It lasted about an hour and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I got the lovely Nichole Williams to write up what she did and what she used so you can use the products and do it at home or get Secret Spa to come to you, treat YOself!"


Best For... An Energy Boost

"bea Skin Care Lumi Glow Patches ensure that 90 to 95 per cent of vitamin C is absorbed (compared to 15 per cent or less when it's taken in pill form)”


Beat Bad Skin

“Commute, work, party, repeat - not the best skin routine. Fight blemishes by using cleansers with renewing ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol, and clarifying clay masks that unblock pores. If you're determined to squeeze a spot, cover fingertips with tissue then dab on a salicylic acid-based gel. Never scratch it or it'll scar.”


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