5 Vloggers Who Love bea Skin Care

With the rapid rise of social media influencers, bloggers and vloggers have played a major role in bringing the best cosmetic products and beauty tips to our collective attention. Once upon a time, these golden nuggets could only found in the labyrinths of department store makeup counters, but now there’s a whole new world of tech-savvy screen queens ready to share their makeup and skincare picks, taking their viewing audience along for the ride.

If you’re looking to expand your virtual beauty sphere, we’ve compiled a top five list of vloggers you should be following in order to gain access to the best skincare recommendations. These enthusiasts have transformed the way we learn by providing easy-to-follow tutorials to an ever-growing platform of online followers. If you are suffering from any skin issues, give these vloggers a try for some magic beauty hacks that your skin will ultimately thank you for.


1. Patricia Bright

My go-to skincare product is the Bea Skin Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (£32)

Take one glance at Patricia Bright’s Instagram feed and you’ll definitely want to emulate her goddess-worthy beauty regime. She never fails to provide her followers with the best advice and has always recommended safe, effective products that she herself has tried and tested.

As an influencer extraordinaire, she’s become one of the brightest online vlogging stars, sharing her honest opinions to a large viewing audience. Her YouTube videos cover a huge range of cosmetic products and treatments – from shopping hauls and makeup, to moisturisers and eyebrow weaving.

One of Patricia’s favourite mantras is to maintain skin hydration at all times. Amongst her favourite products, she credits bea Skin Care’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for its gentle yet effective approach towards skin cell turnover and renewal. As a specialist formula rich in glycolic acid, the Cleanser removes dead cells and transforms dull and unrefreshed complexions into dewy, moisture-retaining skin. Patricia raves about its rejuvenating impact, leaving her positively glowing with an age-defying visage!


2. Mariam Musa

Instabeauty and skincare vlogger Mariam soared to fame on account of her immaculate fashion sense, taste in makeup and lifestyle tips. Whilst participating in the reality TV show ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ in 2018, she captured the hearts of television audiences and pushed her follower count up by the hundreds of thousands!

For dark circles around the eyes, Mariam recommends bea Skin Care’s Hydrating Eye Masks. Taking note of the fact that the Eye Masks are very easy to use, she also loves the fact that they feature a comprehensive list of ingredients as well as specialist directions that help her optimise their benefits.


3. Victoria Magrath (Inthefrow)

Victoria Magrath is the iconic beauty and brains behind Inthefrow, a multi-award winning makeup, skincare, fashion and travel blog. Combining the release of her best-selling book ‘The New Fashion Rules’ with a PhD in fashion, Victoria has more than earned her place as one of YouTube’s top vloggers when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Inthefrow was established in 2012 whilst Victoria was undertaking her PhD and working as a lecturer in Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester. Just six months later, Inthefrow was bestowed with Company Magazine’s ‘Best Newcomer Blog Award’, followed by the prize for ‘Best Established Blog’.

Since then, Victoria hasn’t looked back and continues to educate her massive following on the importance of healthy skin and how best to take care of it. One regular component of her skincare routine is attending LED light therapy sessions every four weeks at bea Skin Clinic. Undertaking these alongside a facial resurfacer and radiofrequency treatment means that Victoria’s skin is able to effectively stimulate collagen production, leaving it plump and ultra cleansed!


4. Georgia-Blu Begg (ATouchofBlu)

This YouTube channel has garnered attention for its no-nonsense, honest take on cosmetic products. Run by Georgia, she gives product demos that focus on enhancing the skin’s natural glow. Using selected bea Skin Care products, she undertook a 30 day, five-step skincare challenge to show her followers how radiant the skin can become after just one month!

As the first step, she recommends using bea Skin Care’s Vitamin-Infused Konjac Sponge. Infused with vitamins and antibacterials, it gently exfoliates the skin’s surface and removes bacteria from the face, neck and decollete. Georgia recommends adding a few drops of Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser onto the Konjac Sponge and applying it to the skin using a gentle rotating motion. Using the super light Sponge doesn’t irritate or aggravate the skin; instead, it has a soothing effect. After application, she recommends rinsing off the residue with warm water and enjoying the super-soft, super-clean benefits!

For the second step of her skincare routine, Georgia uses bea Skin Care’s Peptide Eye Serum for under-eye discolouration. She advises taking a small quantity of Serum and gently patting it onto the delicate skin around the eye. She also advocates its regular use as a dark circle preventative. Infused with key ingredients retinol, vitamin B, and superpower apple stem cells, the Peptide Eye Serum keeps the skin from losing its youthful glow.

For the third step of her routine, Georgia takes on one of our key formulas: the Vitamin C 20% and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Using a single pump’s worth of product, she suggests applying it daily in order to derive its full anti-ageing potential. In her vlog review, she remarks that it makes her skin feel amazing within seconds of applying!

The Firming Serum takes its place as the fourth step of Georgia’s go-to skincare routine. She advises a gentle application so as to leave a thin layer of product on the skin’s surface. In this manner, she fully imbibes the goodness of its nutrients into the skin, needed to maintain its firm appearance.

For the fifth and final step of her routine, Georgia recommends bea Skin Care’s Collagen Complex Cream dotted evenly across the entire face and gently patted into the skin. As it promotes derma-elasticity and skin cell renewal, Georgia soon felt a positive difference in her overall skin health!


5. Temi Otedola (JTO)

Temi Otedola is an influential fashion and beauty vlogger with her own established channel, JTO. However, JTO is more than just an online vlog. Temi uses JTO as a platform to share her adventures related to her eclectic tastes in fashion, travel, art and photography. She is also motivated to share her experiences in order to inspire others, featuring episodes on running a book club and exploring Japanese culture.

We’re honoured to have Temi’s seal of approval when it comes to bea Skin Care’s Eye Masks, which she highly recommends for minimising dark circles.

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