The Royal Baby Has Arrived

Yesterday was a cause for celebration: the Duchess of Cambridge's son was born in London, a patriotic moment for Brits and Anglophiles around the world! Whilst we await news of the baby boy's name, it's open to speculation what Kate and Wills will be using to care for their newborn (apart from several nannies, of course). It's a well known fact that young infants are particularly susceptible to skin conditions in their first few months of life, so what are the dos and don'ts of caring for newborn (and new mum) skins?

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Avoid products containing...

Alcohol and Ethanol: although convenient, avoid using alcohol and ethanol-based antibacterial wipes to clean your baby. They can cause erythma and skin irritation.

Lanolin: derived from the wool of the sheep, lanolin can irritate sensitive baby skins and exacerbate cases of nappy rash. This popular ingredient is commonly found in soaps and washing powders.

Fragrance: anything containing a high quantity of perfumes (including Johnson's Baby range) is a no-no, due to risk of skin irritation.

Parabens: keep products containing parabens well away from mum, baby and family! These are carcinogenic and have been found to be linked to cancer.

Petroleum: found in many emollients (for example Vaseline), overusing petroleum-based products on infant skins can cause seborrheic dermatitis or 'cradle cap'.

Try using...

Heliocare SPF: this is an extraordinarily mild formula which is safe for mum and baby, offering high factor sun protection (50+) without clogging or staining the skin. Unlike conventional sunscreens, it does not contain chemicals and provides a light, natural smell.

Endocare Regenerating Lotion: this gorgeous, lightweight body moisturiser is so gentle it can be used on adult and baby skins. This all-natural cream derived from the mollusc is completely non-greasy.

Olivella soap free bar: this excellent cleansing soap bar contains zero Cetyl Alcohol, which can worsen eczema flareups in young babies. This ingredient is commonly used as a thickening agent in most soap products yet Olivella have (sensibly) abandoned it completely! This PH balanced 100% virgin olive oil bar provides a welcome alternative, promising to protect (rather than strip) the skin's natural moisture barrier. It's also ideal for preventing hormonal acne flare ups in new mums.

Ormedic range, IMAGE Skincare: this is a great range for tired, stressed out mums and dads! Containing completely natural organic ingredients, Bianca Estelle often recommends the ultra-hydrating Ormedic Eye Cream (great for soothing away dark circles) together with the cooling Ormedic Balancing Soothing Gel Masque (an extremely gentle, anti-inflammatory face mask). Due to Ormedic's use of botanical ingredients - including green tea, aloe vera, arnica montana and natural peptides - new mums are safe when coming into contact with sensitive baby skins.

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*For further information on harmful skin care chemicals, check out this excellent article by Dr. Frank Lipman.

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