New Cellulite Reduction Machines 2016: The Sonishape RF

Many cellulite removal machines promise to deliver permanent improvements to dimply thighs. Whilst many of them are powerful and effective, it's important to select the right type of machine if your main concern is 'orange peel' skin.

bea Skin Clinic's Sonishape RF machine emits precisely targeted bipolar radio frequency waves from a specialised handpiece. The depth of the Sonishape's radio frequency waves combined with the mechanics of the machine's handpieces make the Sonishape one of the best options for treating superficial and fibrous connective tissue.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite may feel like a medical condition to those who struggle with it. In truth, cellulite is nothing more than normal fat deposits under the skin, usually around or below the pelvic area. Cumulating within fibrous connective tissues, cellulite causes the skin's surface to appear unevenly bumpy or dimply.

new cellulite reduction machines 2016

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite formation is often unrelated to a person’s weight or body shape; its causes may vary from hormonal disruptions to hereditary traits. Many non-invasive cellulite reduction treatments (such as skin creams, therapeutic massages and even dietary plans) are often ineffective.

How can I eliminate cellulite naturally?

If one’s cellulite formation arises from diet or changes in metabolism, simple changes in lifestyle will do the trick. Eat clean food, balance your body’s metabolism and meditate to reduce daily stress levels.

Help, I have tried everything, nothing works.

Many experience a blow to their self-confidence when cellulite starts to build. Some choose to cover it up while others seek help and try every possible solution, to no avail.

But don’t worry, here's the good news: according to research, bipolar RF treatments can effectively reduce cellulite when other treatments are ineffective. Our bipolar RF machine is called the Sonishape RF machine.

new cellulite reduction machines 2016

I want to know more about bipolar RF.

Over the past 70 years, RF technologies have been used in oral, ophthalmic and gynaecological medicine. Directed waves of electrons are utilised to induce frictional heating of the targeted tissues, coagulating or ablating unwanted tissues.

Nowadays, non-ablative RF energy can non-invasively reduce cellulite whilst protecting the outer layer of skin.

How does the Sonishape treatment actually work?

In short, the current generated by the Sonishape RF machine penetrate into the fibrous tissues. Heat is then generated by the frictional resistance of your tissue. With enough heat, the fat cells are encouraged to release their lipid contents.

What about other RF machines? Why is the Sonishape RF preferred?

Monopolar RF machines (for e.g. the Exilis device) require a grounding pad to complete the circuit. Monopolar RF waves are best for fat reduction, as they often penetrate the body too deeply to affect superficial cellulite.

The Sonishape RF is a bipolar RF machine specifically designed to emit controlled waves between two electrodes. This means that each circuit is completed by the two electrodes over the desired and targeted problem area, reaching the exact depth needed to effectively deal with cellulite.

Eager to get rid of cellulite from your body? Contact bea Skin Clinic today to begin your cellulite reduction treatment.

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