The Top 3 Presents for Mothers Everywhere At 20% Off

Year after year, people around the globe dedicate the 6th March to the most prestigious ladies in the world: our mothers!

We know being a mother is hard work and it is our heartfelt wish for all mothers to be confident about their appearance. This is why we’ve decided to offer an opportunity for mothers everywhere to rejuvenate their skin through one of our top three skin rejuvenation treatments, all at an incredible 20% off*!

Mesotherapy Biorejuvenation

Mesotherapy Biorejuvenation can be done either with or without needles. The procedure with needles effectively and immediately hydrates the face with customised medications through painless microinjections across several areas of the face. Mesotherapy Biorejuvenation requires little to no downtime, meaning you can resume social activities shortly after your treatment.

Needle-free Biorejuvenation delivers a variety of anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory medications deep into the skin's dermis using a special ultrasonic handpiece. This treatment is perfect for busy mothers who wish to firm up their skins and unblock clogged pores.

Hand Brite Peel

Offered exclusively at bea Skin Clinic, the Hand Brite is a professional, medical strength peel containing kojic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol, vitamin C and alpha arbutin. It is designed to treat discolouration and age spots on the hands. The procedure includes a special aftercare solution to stimulate collagen production, which speeds up the removal of age spots and discolouration.

Mesotrax Meso Thread Lift

The Mesotrax Meso Thread Lift is a heaven-sent solution for those who are reluctant to undergo a surgical face lift. This new method of 3D facial lifting involves the strategic placement of hypoallergenic, absorbable sutures into the facial tissues. The Mesotrax procedure is non-surgical, relatively painless and does not involve a prolonged period of downtime. This is an ideal present for tired mothers; the best thing about it is that the effects of the treatment can last for up to several years.


BEA Gift Voucher Mockup collection of 3 Mother's Day

Contact bea Skin Clinic to book any of our 3 top Mother’s Day treatments at 20% off their usual RRP before next Saturday, or contact us and request to send the treatments as gift vouchers instead!

Have a great Mother’s Day,

bea Skin Clinic

*Offer ends on 12th March 2016. 20% discount applies to individual treatments and course packages.

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