Introducing the Meso Trax Face Lift & Non-Surgical Body Lift

Mesotrax Meso Thread Lift non surgical body lift
Meso Trax Meso Thread Lifting - now available at Bianca Estelle Aesthetics

I am hugely proud to introduce you a brand new and painless method of non-surgical face and body lifting: MESO TRAX Meso Thread Lifting.

I recently attended an advanced level seminar along with surgeons and dermatologists from around the UK and was astounded at the fantastic improvements that were rendered using the minimally invasive Meso Trax technique!

Meso Trax Face Lift Non Surgical Face & Body Lift
The Meso Trax procedure utilises fine, strong threads and is virtually painless.
Meso Trax Meso Thread Lifting Non Surgical Body Lift
What happens after the Meso Trax procedure: 5 stages of healing.
Meso Trax Anti Ageing Non Surgical Body Lift
What happens when we age - the Meso Trax procedure can help.

About the Meso Trax Non-Surgical Face Lift

Thread lifting is an innovative method of face and body tissue reinforcement, revitalization and lifting. The newest thread lifting techniques involve the use of sterile, absorbable Fine Lift Meso Threads. Unlike the threads of old, which were prone to problems such as extrusion and infection, Meso Trax threads are fully absorbed within a matter of weeks, and the resultant production of collagen ensures that you are left with permanent, natural results.

The face is strengthened by polydioxanone absorbable threads, introduced into various levels of the skin. Thread lifting with meso threads makes it possible to obtain instant lifting of tissues and remodelling of facial and body contours without surgical intervention. Thanks to this newest method of rejuvenation your face will look younger, skin will become smoother and your overall face shape will be corrected. Best of all - there's no risk of ending up with a 'pulled' or artificial look!

Meso Trax Non-Surgical Body Lift

What's even more outstanding is what Meso Trax thread lifting can achieve for the body. If your buttocks, thighs or cleavage need a lift, Meso Threads can be used to target problem areas and provide you with a dramatically improved contour.

Meso Trax Meso Thread Lifting Armpit Fat
Meso Trax threads can even be used to recontour troublesome armpit fat.

If you want to give your face and body the best that aesthetic medicine and surgery has to offer, the right choice is the revolutionary Meso Threads. I will be able to effectively remove your wrinkles, tighten your face and chin, raise your eyebrows and turn back the hands of time - retaining a very natural look at the same time.

The procedure is highly effective in skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis and stimulating fibroblast production. This procedure has numerous benefits being a minimal invasive treatment with no downtime and an immediate effect. Due to those advantages, this treatment has been popular in Asia and has spread into other continents rapidly.

To learn more about its wonderful effects, I would be delighted to see you personally in my Wimpole Street clinic in Central London, very close to Harley Street. Please book yourself in at or visit our Contact page to find out more. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Bianca Estelle xXx

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