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Glutathione is an extremely strong antioxidant with a diverse range of benefits. One of its many advantages is the fact it inhibits the production of melanin, and when taken intravenously or rectally, has a powerful impact on the health, tone and colour of the skin.

Glutathione is an antioxidant and works by cleaning the liver and helping to eradicate free radicals, which has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. It shrinks pores, improves the hyperpigmentation, minimises acne scarring and promotes a vibrant and healthy glow.


BEA Skin Care Glutathione Suppositories

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BEA Skin Care’s brand new Glutathione & Vitamin C Suppositories allow you experience these results for yourself. With 1500mg of glutathione and an additional quantity of pure vitamin C, the Glutathione & Vitamin C are part of the BEA’s Master Antioxidant Range, which includes three potent supplement products geared towards enhancing the skin’s clarity and tone.

In comparison to traditional oral supplements, BEA’s Glutathione & Vitamin C Suppositories are fast acting and fast absorbing. Unlike ingestible tablets, which are absorbed into the bloodstream very slowly through the gastric lining, each BEA Skin Care Glutathione Suppository is absorbed through the rectal lining and enters the bloodstream directly.

This means that BEA’s Glutathione & Vitamin C Suppositories render dramatic skin brightening results in a shorter amount of time, particularly in comparison to oral supplements containing glutathione. When used regularly, the Suppositories also boost the speed of cell turnover and help the body to repair damaged cells faster.

If suppositories aren’t what you’re looking for, then you don’t need to miss out on the benefits of BEA Skin Care’s innovative glutathione-based products. Manufactured exclusively for BEA Skin Care, the Lumi Patches – part of BEA’s Luminescence Range - provide all the benefits of glutathione without the need to insert suppositories.


BEA Skin Care Lumi Patches

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The Lumi Patch is a discreet, adhesive glutathione patch. It can be placed on any area of skin on the body, and provides transdermal delivery of the active ingredient glutathione into the bloodstream. With daily use, the Lumi Patch promotes a lighter, more even skin tone, which until fairly recently was only possible by using ineffective supplements or harsh, sometimes dangerous, chemicals.

With ease and convenience, you can go about your regular day, head off to work or the gym, and even go out with friends and still wear your Lumi Patch discreetly and conveniently without anyone knowing. With up to 24 hours of transdermal delivery, the Lumi Patch is a convenient and easy method of lightening your skin and repair severe UV-damage with a painless and convenient patch.

How long you use BEA Skin Care’s Glutathione & Vitamin C Suppositories and Lumi Patches to lighten your skin depends on how dark your skin is when you begin. The professional and friendly staff at Bianca Estelle Aesthetics' Wimpole Street clinic in London will be able to assist you with any questions you may have or provide you with a bespoke consultation at our clinic or via Skype.

Brighten Your Skin With BEA Skin Care

Glutathione Suppositories (15 x 1500mg glutathione) and the Lumi Patch (30 patches for daily use) are available exclusively from Bianca Estelle Aesthetics’ flagship clinic on 2 Wimpole Street. Please email to place your order or visit the BEA Skin Care online store - coming soon!

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  1. hi can you please tell me, is it a once a day patch ,and also what is the price range , how many comes in a pack for a month . how long would it take
    to see some result's. is this treatment permanment?

    1. Hi Julian,
      When used long term, they generate a brighter, more radiant complexion. The patches are generally recommended for maintenance purposes. Best results are obtained when used at home in conjunction with a course of professional IV therapy treatments. The patches should be worn for 12 hours per day. There are 30 patches per packet/1 month's supply. We're happy to announce that they are now available to purchase from our BEA Skin Care online store - please visit this page for full details.

  2. Please I have been trying to reach you... I need start treatment as soon as possible

    Thank you ..

    1. Hi Caroline, you can reach us on our usual number, at or contact us through our online form.

  3. Since I am using chemicals and am already at a skin shade which I am comfortable, is it possible to purchase only the suppositories to maintain my shade or do I still have to undergo the iv infusion first

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Of course - our Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories are ideal for maintaining and/or enhancing your skin colour. However, we would caution you regarding the use of any hydroquinone-related ingredients on your skin. See our Luminescence Range for safe, topical alternatives.

      I hope this information helped! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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