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bea Skin Care

"My skin felt lovely and smooth once I had dried it. In fact, it felt similar to when I’ve been for a facial. The skin looked brighter and my large pores looked visible smaller (they almost disappeared completely!)."


celebrity skincare secrets

Time For A Boost?

"Each wand is soaked with seven per cent glycolic acid, which, when swiped over your face, gives a lift."


celebrityskincaresecretsbeaSkinClinic Press&Media SunVSSkin

Step Away From The Screen...

"Shield your skin from blue light pollution. Keep your skin protected with HEVL busting products and broad spectrum SPF….
...Bea Skin Care’s Solar Defence is an organic, skin brightening SPF 30 sunscreen with alpha arbutin which helps diminish hyper-pigmentation over time. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and treats discolouration and sun damage in one."


celebrityskincaresecretsbeaSkinClinic Press&Media

Sun VS Skin

"With just the wave of an AHA wand, transform your skin from break-out city to rejuvenated and smooth. bea Skin Care’s AHA Rejuvenating wands – Pack of 10, £60.00, are the magic you’ve been waiting for to brighten your complexion and deal with pesky problems. Persevere and your skin will thank you. Small enough to..."


celebrityskincaresecretsbeaSkinClinic Press&Media

How to prevent a date night acne breakout

"...Using multiple products when you’re going through a bad breakout isn’t the answer. I recommend clients use AHA rejuvenating wands twice a week, which contains 7% glycolic acid, a natural skin resurfacer, to keep blemishes and scarring at bay."


celebrityskincaresecretsbeaSkinClinic Press&Media

Our Favourite Sun Protective Lotions For Face and Body

"From Bea Advanced System Range, this organic, lightweight moisturiser is ideal for daily use and contains a blend of natural and medical grade ingredients to ensure sun protection as well as treating hyperpigmentation and the effects of existing sun damage..."


SolarpowerbeaSkinClinic Press&Media

Solar power: would you take a tablet instead of applying sunscreen?

"Bea Skin Care has also created a range of Solar Defence supplements, which include calaguala leaf extract. 'The plant originates from South America, where it has long been used to treat skin conditions,' says founder Bianca Estelle. 'Research has proved it has natural photoprotective properties, and daily use results in a resilient complexion.'"


adultacnebeaSkinClinic Press&Media

It's on the rise but can be controlled says skin expert Bianca Estelle

"bea Skin Care’s 5 Step Daily Regime allows individuals to customise their skin care according to their own particular needs. The products contain medical grade ingredients carefully formulated alongside complementary additives such as apple stem cells and green tea to minimize irritation and over-drying creating silky serums and gentle cleansers that neutralise subdermal inflammation."

BT.COM, MAY 2017

Bt.com beaSkinClinic Press&Media

Vampire Facials: What are they, what is the procedure and what is it really like to have one?

“Normally I have a regimented skin care routine comprising of far more than just two products, but dutifully stuck to those Bianca had recommended.

Sure enough as the days rolled on my skin did improve, although it did take about a week for the redness to finally calm down.

Now that two weeks have passed I can confidently say my skin is better than ever, and even without using any products on my face at all it’s soft, smooth and plump.

Ready for me to go back to my not-quite-as-fabulous-as-Kim-Kardashian life.”


celebrity skincare secrets look magazine

How To Stop Scarring If You Picked A Pimple

“Use Bea AHA Rejuvenating Wands [£60] once or twice a week, dependent on your skin type (1 if you experience the odd pimple, 2 if you're acne prone). Opt for products that contain brightening lactic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin, and mandelic acid, which accelerates cell turnover [new skin].”


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The Chosen Few

“Bea Skin Care Solar Defence SPF30, £24; beaskincare.com 'A lightweight moisturiser with a high daily dose of sun protection. Contains hyaluronic acid and alpha arbutin, which repair existing sun damage and signs of ageing.'”


celebrity skincare secrets ISSUU magazine

Women in Beauty

“Bianca Estelle opened her first clinic at only 22 (now she runs two). Combining her professional experience in medical aesthetics and entrepreneurial spirit, Bianca Estelle launched bea Skin Care in 2015, tackling a range of skin concerns, from acne to anti-ageing, with complementing treatments performed at her clinics.”


celebrity skincare secrets The Amazing Blog

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Peptide Eye Serum

“These products are available to purchase you can get the cleanser here for £29.00 and the serum is also available here for £39.00.”

You And Your Wedding, April 2017

celebrity skincare secrets Beauty Bites

Bumps Be Gone

“Bea Skin Care Kojic Acid Radiance Bar (£25) exfoliates damaged, rough and dry skin, creating a smooth surface that will see the end of dreaded chicken skin.”

Nouveau Lashes Blog, March 2017

celebrity skincare secrets Nouveau Lashes

#NLGirlBoss: Sarah Cordier

“WHICH WOMEN ALONG THE WAY HAVE INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? .... I am also really inspired by Bianca Estelle, owner & founder of Bea Skincare. She’s an experienced Skin Specialist with clinics in London's Crawford Street, Antwerp and Abuja. She went on to apply her scientific training towards the formulation of her own cosmeceuticals – bea Skin Care - harnessing her extensive knowledge of the industry in order to ensure that her innovative products are of the highest potency and quality....”

Pride Magazine, March 2017

celebrity skincare secrets Pride Magazine

Expert Advice for the Skincare Beginners

“Invest in cosmeceuticals rather than cosmetics. Look for products that contain things like hyaluronic acid, vitamins and natural alphahydroxy acids such as glycolic acid. Find an exfoliating cleanser that is the right pH balance, with some of those active ingredients I mentioned earlier such as glycolic acid, and start working with serums. My bea Skin Care ‘Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum’ is both anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory, this serum contains an incredible 20% vitamin C. It’s lightweight and contains essential fatty acids, topical vitamin C and hyaluronic acid - a natural substance abundant in young skin. It lightens hyperpigmentation, minimises sun damage, decreases skin puffiness and hydrates the skin without leaving it congested.”

Curva Magazine, March 2017

celebrity skincare secrets Curva magazine

New Year New Skin

"Adult acne is caused by the same things that cause teen acne, excess oil and bacteria. Changes in hormones, including those brought on by pregnancy and menstruation, can trigger excess oil.

Treatment for Acne Skin

One of the best treatments for acne is a combined therapy of Glycolic acd resurfacer and LED light therapy utilising blue light. The Glycolc acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from the fruit sugar cane, used to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production, as well as clear the pores of oil and bacteria and regulate sebaceous activity. LED blue light therapy - Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria known as Propinbacterium acnes, or P acnes, which can cause inflammation. P acne bacteria is sensitive to blue light. Using blue light eliminates the bacteria found in the oil glands in the skin.

Bea Skin Clinic is one of the top clinics in London who specialise in a range of aesthetic skin treatments and who also specialise in treating acne skin. bianca Estelle is a top skin specialist and clinic director of Bea Skin Clinic who has achieved an advanced level of accreditation in almost every cutting-edge technical skin care procedure available today providing her clients with first class aesthetic skin treatments."

Glamour Magazine, February 2017

GLAMOUR Beauty celebrity skincare secrets

What do the GLAMOUR Beauty team have on their bathroom #Shelfie?

“"My skin is quite prone to breakouts so I swear by the BEA Acne Treatment Gel. I apply it topically to a nasty pore and it's less angry and red by the morning.”

Refinery29, February 2017


Beauty Resolutions The Experts Wish You'd Make

"'As tempting as it can be, popping spots is a massive no-no! If you wanted to go down this route, I’d advise the help of a skin specialist such as myself. At my clinics, I offer treatments (even for those annoying, last-minute random spot flare-ups) which tackle this with either a medical extractor or a microlance needle. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to squeeze them as this only leads to scarring and the potential spread of bacteria across the face.'

Bianca Estelle, skin specialist and founder of bea Skin Care"

Glam Africa Magazine, January 2017

Glam Africa Magazine celebrity skincare secrets

Founder and clinical director of Bianca Estelle Aesthetics Skin Clinics

“'What is the best moisturiser for oily skin?'

The best moisturiser for oily skin I would recommend is the BEA Firming Serum, which is a natural hydrator. The main ingredient in this is hyaluronic acid, which is a gel-like, water-based substance that retains over 1000 times its weight in water, making it an amazing natural moisturiser for oily skin types.

'What is the best food/drink for great skin?'

Water is great for your skin as it helps to eliminate toxins. Increasing your water intake will also improve skin hydration levels and prevent dehydration. Coconut water is the next best hydrator to water. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it helps promote healthy tissue and generates new cell growth.

It's important to keep the skin hydrated both internally and externally as dehydration can lead to dull looking skin and increase fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin can also lead to break outs as dehydration can cause the sebaceous glands to become over active and produce excess oil.

For topical rehydration, I recommend the use of either BEA Skincare Firming Serum or BEA Collagen Complex Cream (normal, dry, combination skin types).

As for food, try avocado, almonds and nuts, or omega fatty acids found in oily fish like salmon and mackerel. Omega fatty acids help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, as well as promoting healthier, plumper, younger-looking skin.

Citrus fruit such as lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit have natural anti-inflammatory qualities, which help with dry/irritated skin types. They are also naturally antibacterial so ideal for oily/acne prone skin to prvent breakouts, and they are all antioxidant which have a brightening effect on the skin. Oranges in particular contain ascorbic acid/Vitamin C, which s known for its anti-ageing qualities, skin brightening, in addition to the prevention and treatment of sundamage to the skin.

Including citrus fruit as part of your 5 a day has been proven to improve and prevent skin sagging, fine line wrinkles, discolouration and ageing of the skin."

1883 Magazine, January 2017

beaSkinClinic Press&Media Magazine

Sprinkle It With Sugar

“BEA MASTER ANTIOXIDANT BAR WITH VITAMIN C - RRP £45, available from www.bea-skincare.com”

Popsugar Middle East, December 2016


5 Beauty Trends That Will Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine in 2017

“As the New Year approaches, it's time to get out with the old and in with the new. If the contents of your bathroom cabinet are not quite doing it for you, it's probably time to switch up the way you're approaching your skin care routine. London's Harley Street-trained Skin Specialist, Bianca Estelle – who is the Clinical Director of BEA Skin Clinic, plus brains behind the BEA Skin Care range and Vitamin Injections London – speaks to POPSUGAR Middle East about what skin care trends we're likely to see in 2017.”

Vogue Dubai, December 2016

celebrity skincare secrets bea Skin Care featured in Vogue Dubai, December 2016

Can A Pill Make You Prettier?

“Skin specialist and director of Bea Clinics, Bianca Estelle, says: “Supplements work to give your body an extra boost of nutrients that you are otherwise not getting.” In a fast-paced society where skipping lunch is the norm, obtaining our daily recommended servings of Omega-3, vitamins and other essential nutrients can be difficult. This is where the crop of complexion-clearing, metabolism-boosting, and hair-enhancing supplements come into play. Whether they are in the form of skin-pumping collagen pills, digestive aids, or powdered ingestibles, the new wave of beauty-boosters comes with an attractive set of possibilities.”

Vale Life Magazine, December 2016

beaSkinCarefeaturedinValeLifeMagazine,December beaSkinClinic Press&Media


“bea Rejuvenating Wands - £60 for a pack of 10 wands - www.bea-skincare.com”.

Glam Africa Magazine, November 2016

beaSkinCare Press&Media GlamAfricaMagazine

Gently Does It

“Created by skincare supremo, Bianca Estelle, the BEA Skin Care Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (£29.00) is gentle enough to use every day, regardless of whether you have normal, oily or even acne prone skin. A little goes an extremely long way and I love the fact that it contains sugar cane to gently exfoliate, and green tea extract to soothe and calm your skin.”

Home House Magazine, November 2016

beaSkinCare Press&Media HomeHouseMagazine

Collagen Complex Face Cream

“This anti-ageing and nutrient-rich formula works to stimulate the skin's natural repair mechanisms and moisturise dehydrated and damaged skin. Reducing fine lines and preventing future lines, the Collagen Complex face cream restores dry skin with peptides, apple stem cells, amino acids and shea butter, £42.”

Curva Magazine, September 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media Curvamagazine

How To Beat Acne

“Acne is a common skin condition which usually starts in puberty and varies in severity. It causes spots, oily skin and in more severe cases, skin that's hot or painful to touch and develops predominantly on the face, back and chest. For the majority it tends to resolve by the late teens or early twenties but can persist for longer, affecting women and men in their late twenties and thirties.”

Scratch Middle East, September/October 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media ScratchMEMagazine

Make-Up Maestro

“We discovered the bea Skin Care line - ideal for professionals to use and introduce to our clients. bea Skin Care is being spoken about by celebrities and skincare experts across the UK, Europe and now in Dubai.”

Popsugar, September 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media PopsugarMagazine

The Smart Girl's Guide to Surviving LFW

"Make sure you're showing off the best version of yourself with bea Skin Care facial. Using products from the skincare range of Bianca Estelle (who just happens to be alumnus from the prestigious London College of Fashion), her bespoke medi-facials will brighten up skin so you're glowing for the FROW. The likes of Made in Chelsea's Ashley James and Rosie Fortescue have been raving about using the brand via thesecretspa.co.uk, which acts as your private salon if you're running short on time."

The Daily Mail, August 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media DailyMailOnline Microbeads

Microbeads Aren't Just Poisoning The Planet

"You can tell when skin is being overexfoliated with microbeads: it is inflamed and if someone already has vascular problems, like rosacea, it is even more irritated.

If you’re using them this much, your skin barrier is weakened, especially now there is a trend for battery-operated cleansing brushes. Exfoliators which have beads should be used no more than once or twice a week."

Beauty By Injection, August 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media Beautybyinjection

Approaching Treatments Safely

"There's a growing trend in the world of beauty: injections, or 'injectable aesthetic treatments' to be precise. There are a whole host of issues that can be solved with a syringe."

ES (Evening Standard) Magazine, August 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media ESMagazine

Outsmart Your Skin

"bea Skin Care is a results driven skincare brand formulated with clinical grade ingredients blended with nourishing skin loving ingredients designed to give you the most effective results for your best skin ever"

Your Surrey Wedding Magazine, August 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media SecretSpaReview

Interview with Secret Spa founder Emily Ewart-Perks

"Personally, I think that regular facials are essential to having glowing skin. I am 40 this month so I try to have a facial once month which is what we recommend, our therapists have just been trained to do BEA brightening medi-facials. It’s been designed by Bianca Estelle... She designed the facial for people who want
to maintain and enhance their beauty regime, lots of people book in with her in the clinic to have a complete skin make over, this is just a hint of the treatments she has on offer. "

OK Magazine, June 2016

celebrity skincare secrets bea Skin Clinic - Press & Media - Vogue Williams for OK! Magazine

bea Skin Care Facial

"I got a lovely facial at home on Sunday, Secret Spa have teamed up with BEA Skincare and created an amazing facial. It lasted about an hour and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I got the lovely Nichole Williams to write up what she did and what she used so you can use the products and do it at home or get Secret Spa to come to you, treat YOself!"

Harper's Bazaar UK, January 2016

beaSkinClinic Press&Media Harper'sUKMagazine

Best For... An Energy Boost

"bea Skin Care Lumi Glow Patches ensure that 90 to 95 per cent of vitamin C is absorbed (compared to 15 per cent or less when it's taken in pill form)”

InStyle Magazine, December 2015

beaSkinClinic Press&Media InStyle

Beat Bad Skin

“Commute, work, party, repeat - not the best skin routine. Fight blemishes by using cleansers with renewing ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol, and clarifying clay masks that unblock pores. If you're determined to squeeze a spot, cover fingertips with tissue then dab on a salicylic acid-based gel. Never scratch it or it'll scar.”


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